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Our local community grants, which are given to American local organizations directly from Walmart and Sam’s Club locations, are given out via an open application procedure. Uncertain about how to locate your nearby facility? You may relax; the application will help you.


Grants for local communities might be as little as $250 or as much as $5,000.
Nonprofits that meet the eligibility requirements must function locally (or as an affiliate or chapter of a larger organization that does so) and must directly benefit the facility’s service region.
Quarterly grant applications will be accepted for the 2023 calendar year.

The following are the submission deadlines:

  • First quarter: February 1–April 15; second quarter: May 1–July 15
  • Third quarter: July 1–October 15
  • Fourth quarter: November 1 to December 31
  • Applications can be sent in at any point during the financing cycle of each quarter. Every application will be examined before the following grant period begins.
  • During the 2023 grant cycle, organizations can only submit a total of 25 applications and/or receive a maximum of 25 funds.
  • Before submitting an application for a Local Community award, all organizations must first be vetted through CyberGrants FrontDoor.

Qualifications Checklist

The following requirements must be fulfilled by applying organizations:

  • Organizations classified as public charities under Section 509(a)(1), (2), or (3) (Types I or II); CyberGrants FrontDoor verified; and an organization holding a current tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, listed on the IRS Master File and conducting activities within the United States.
  • An official government body is any state, county, or city agency, such as the fire or police departments, that is applying for funding only for public uses and has been confirmed by CyberGrants FrontDoor.
  • A church or other faith-based organization with a proposed project that benefits the community at large, such as food pantries, soup kitchens, clothing closets, and CyberGrants FrontDoor verified, or a K–12 public or nonprofit private school, charter school, community/junior college, state/private college, or university.

NOTE: At present time, non-charities are ineligible, including groups designated as 501(c)(4)s, (c)(6)s, and (c)(19)s, such as volunteer fire companies, homeowner’s associations, or civic leagues.

Areas of Funding

An organization may request for financing in eight (8) different areas. To make sure the objectives of your organization fit into one of these categories, please study the areas indicated below.

  • Enhancing local communities to assist low-income persons and families in the local service area is the goal of community and economic development.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Encouraging the local service area’s varied populations to develop mutual understanding and partnerships.
  • Education: Offering low-income individuals and families in the local service area tutoring, after-school enrichment programs, or vocational training
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reducing trash, boosting recycling, or endorsing further initiatives aimed at enhancing the local service area’s environment
  • Health and Human assistance: Providing low-income individuals and families in the local service area with medical screenings, treatment, social assistance, or shelters
  • Hunger Relief and Healthy Eating: FedEx or nonprofit meals and snacks are given to low-income people and families in the local service area.
  • Public Safety: Assisting local service area public safety initiatives with equipment or training initiatives
  • Enhancing low-income people’s and families’ access to leisure, the arts, and cultural events within the local service area is a measure of quality of life.

Method of Selection

  • All applications will be reviewed by the facility’s management, who will also provide preliminary financing recommendations.
  • The frequency and procedure used to decide applications are up to each facility manager.
  • Without giving prior warning, the grant administrator and facility manager reserve the right to change the total amount given to any organization.
  • Any decision will be emailed to the organizations. All financial choices are final.
  • Grant checks will be sent immediately to the recipient’s address specified in the organization’s FrontDoor profile on Cybergrant, if the organization is accepted. Please give delivery a period of four to six weeks.
  • After receiving a grant, groups should get in touch with the nearby facility that provided the funding to arrange for a formal acknowledgment event, if one is requested, subject to availability.

Every grant application is subject to an evaluation of the organization’s track record, operations, and commitment to abide by all relevant terms and conditions. Funding is not guaranteed when an application is submitted. Organizations that refuse service, membership, or other engagement on the grounds of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran status, or handicap status are among those that are excluded from funding.

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