SUSI GRANT: Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) offers Student Grant Program

Deadline: ongoing | SUSI GRANT: Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) offers Student Grant Program

Ireland’s national body responsible for granting funding for higher education is SUSI. We provide support to qualified students enrolled in recognized full-time undergraduate and graduate programs at PLC, as well as, in some situations, to students studying abroad.

What is the SUSI GRANT?

The primary financial aid program for students studying in Ireland and overseas is the Student Grant Program. Because Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the organization that grants grants under the Student Grant Scheme, it is often referred to as the SUSI grant. There are two types of student grants: grants for maintenance. fee awards.

Which Grants Are Offered?
There are two types of student grants:

  • Grants for maintenance
  • Fee awards
  • Grants for Maintenance
  • Maintenance grants, which are deposited straight into the student’s bank account, assist students with living expenses.

Fee Awards

  • For students who are not eligible for the Free Fees Scheme, fee grants cover their tuition costs. The Student Contribution and the price of necessary field trips may also be covered by fee grants.

Students wishing to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or PLC studies can apply for student grants.

Do I Qualify for a Student Grant? / Eligibility

The following requirements must be satisfied in order for you to be eligible for a grant.

  • Nationality Requirements

You need to receive authorization from the Department of Justice to remain in the country, or you need to be an Irish, EU, EEA, UK, or Swiss national with a specified immigration status.

  • Criteria for Residency

You have to have spent three of the previous five years as a resident of the Irish State, the EU, the EEA, the UK, or the Swiss Federation.

  • Income Requirements

Your entire household’s allowable income must be less than a certain amount.

  • Prior Learning and Advancement Standards

You have to be taking courses that have been approved in order to advance in your education:

That graduates you from a program at a level higher than any degree you may have previously earned; that is, one in which you advance from year to year without having to repeat a year unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

  • You are eligible for a maximum amount of grant support at each study level.
  • Approved Program at an Authorized Organization Standards
  • You have to be enrolled in a course at an authorized institution.
  • Keep in mind that while certain requirements are the same for all further and higher education categories, others are unique to you as a student and the kind of course you want to take. Check out our Eligibility Indicator and learn more by clicking on the links for each eligibility requirement.

To apply for the susi grant application 2023/2023, visit Susi Grant official website

For More Information about the student’s universal support Ireland, visit SUSI GRANT

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