Nedbank Data Graduate Programme 2024 for youths in South Africa

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Deadline: Not Given | Nedbank Data Graduate Programme 2024 For Youths In South Africa

Title:Nedbank Data Graduate Programme 2024 For Youths In South Africa
Eligible countries:South Africa

Immerse yourself in real-world company settings to revolutionise divisional operations while simultaneously gaining priceless experience. Lead innovative projects and endeavours that will influence the direction of data-driven organisations in the future.


Job Responsibilities

  • Make use of your data science and engineering expertise to reduce costs and eliminate wasteful and non-value-added activity in order to optimise operations through data-driven decision-making. Use these abilities to ensure effective execution by meeting goals, timeframes, and standards as outlined in agreements with management.
  • Aim for excellence in providing data-driven services to clients, both internal and external, by comprehending and putting into practise best practises. Maintain constant standards for quality and productivity by using data science and engineering know-how to guide thorough, data-driven monitoring and action.
  • Participate actively in fostering a culture of transformation by supporting Nedbank’s data-centric programmes. Leverage data science and engineering capabilities to support corporate strategy, including social responsibility and green efforts, with data-informed approaches.
  • Use cutting-edge data modelling strategies to glean insightful information from large, complicated datasets.
  • By putting best practises and compliance procedures into place and protecting the confidentiality, security, and integrity of sensitive data, you can guarantee strong data and AI governance. In order to ensure efficient workload management, give team leaders and supervisors regular feedback and updates on the activities and duties that have been given. Adopt the Nedbank vision and embody the values that go along with it by using data science and technical expertise to inform interactions with the team and stakeholders.
  • Utilising data science and engineering methodologies, conduct research and propose data-backed improvement projects to drive operational efficiency and process enhancement. Work together with internal stakeholders, making effective use of their abilities to accomplish deliverables.
  • Encourage positive interactions inside the organisation to guarantee smooth operations. Utilising data science and engineering expertise, manage coworkers’ and clients’ expectations while completing assigned tasks. Complete tasks within allotted time limits while upholding strict guidelines, rules, and governance requirements, as well as internal and external restrictions.
  • NQF Level Advanced Diplomas/National First Degrees are Required Qualifications; Preferred Qualification
  • Relevant Certificate, Degree, or Equivalent

The kind of exposure

  • Controlled Interactions
  • Self-managed own career and supplied administrative assistance

Minimum Degree of Experience

  • 0–6 months.
  • Professional and Technical Knowledge
  • Data analysis and science
  • Data Modelling and Data Engineering
  • Data Management
  • Habitual Proficiencies
  • Flexibility
  • Ongoing Education
  • Cooperation
  • Work Standards for Innovation and Customer Focus

For more information, visit the Nedbank Data Graduate Program’s official website.

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