Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) Ventures for digital media companies

Deadline: December 10th 2023 | Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) Ventures For Digital Media Companies

Title; Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) Ventures For Digital Media Companies
Organisation; Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)
Fund/Grant: Funding
Deadline; 10th December 2023
Eligible countries: All countries

Young, independent media firms with potential for growth and social impact are invited to apply for investment from MDIF Ventures. The recipients of successful applications will receive strategic assistance and equity capital to help them grow their firm.



  • Across the whole early-stage range, from pre-seed (friends and family) and angel rounds to taking part in growth or Series A financing rounds, MDIF Ventures makes investments in media.


  • Dedication to delivering distinctive, reliable, independent journalism, tackling accountability, ending information poverty, or fostering discussion in the public good.
  • A dedication to promoting democratic institutions and practises, political pluralism, openness, respect for human rights, and equal rights and dignity for all people, irrespective of their colour, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other discrimination-prone categories.
  • Ownership needs to be separate from the state and from any other commercial or political agendas. (May be omitted if the applicant’s editorial independence is unaffected by the extent and type of such ownership.)
  • Based in nations where it is difficult to obtain free and independent news and information, or cater to an audience there. Russia is not eligible to submit applications to MDIF Ventures.


  • The overall round size, location, and the stage of the company’s development are just a few of the variables that determine how much MDIF Ventures invests in each deal.
  • Please indicate in your application how much money you hope to raise overall and, if any, how much of the round has already been raised.

For more information, visit digital media MDIF Ventures Fund’s official website.

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