European University Institute’s Global Executive Master (EUI GEM) 2024

Deadline: 31st January 2024 | European University Institute’s Global Executive Master (EUI GEM) 2024

The leading institution in Europe devoted to social sciences and humanities is the European University Institute (EUI). The EUI, established in 1972 by the founding six members of the then-European Communities, has developed a reputation as a global centre for research and higher education.


The two-year, part-time programme enables full-time employment while also fostering peer interaction and professional development. Leading academics, decision-makers, and professionals from the business sector will teach the participants. In one of four specialisations—energy and climate, economics and finance, technology and governance, or geopolitics and security—they will expand their understanding.

Title: European University Institute’s Global Executive Master (EUI GEM) 2024
Organisation: European University Institute
Fund/Grant: €28,000
Deadline: 31st January 2024
Eligible countries: All

The GEM is for whom

  • The EUI GEM is for public policy experts who work in both the public and corporate sectors as well as in civil society and who are looking for opportunities to continuously upskill so they may improve their careers and effect genuine change.
  • Due to its two-year part-time format, professionals can continue to work while pursuing their professional development.
  • Participants get advanced knowledge and a distinctive global perspective on cutting-edge policy challenges from eminent scholars and decision-makers with expertise in energy & climate, economy & finance, tech & governance, and geopolitics & security.


  • Transforming policy experts into change agents
  • Explore cutting-edge policy topics in four areas of specialty.
  • Converse with senior policymakers
  • Become more analytical and managerial

programme foundations

  • Part-time for two years
  • Designed to enable full-time employment and ‘learn while they earn’ schooling for policy professionals.​


  • Participants can use cutting-edge online learning and support resources from any location to complete their coursework.
  • In addition to three thematic executive study visits.
  • A focus on strategic foresight in Brussels, the EUI’s State of the Union conference in Florence, and a Global Challenge executive study visit outside of Europe.
  • The programme includes a total of 25+ days in residence in Florence over the course of the two-year period.


  • Designed to actively assist professionals while they work on a final capstone project that addresses a real-world policy issue.
  • Participants who successfully complete the programme are awarded a master’s degree diploma worth 70 ECTS.
  • English is used to conduct the programme.

eligibility criteria

  • For established and aspiring leaders in their areas, the EUI GEM is a graduate degree in public policy.
  • Candidates should have at least seven years of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates should be fluent in English because the programme is conducted in that language.

selecting a candidate

  • The three steps of the EUI GEM selection procedure are as follows:
  • Application: Sign up for our application site, fill out the online form, and upload any required papers.
  • Application eligibility is checked before submission.

Assessment and selection

  • The Selection Committee will review applications, and candidates may be contacted for an interview.
  • Candidates who are chosen will be given a place offer to finish their registration for the EUI GEM course.

Finances and fees

  • The EUI Global Executive Master costs €28,000 in tuition.

This cost consists of:

  • Total cost of tuition for the two-year programme
  • Each and every study guide and recording online
  • Mentorship and capstone creation
  • The ability to access the EUI Executive Education Centre
  • Utilisation of the EUI Library
  • During the residential weeks, networking lunches and drinks are held.
  • Travel and lodging for the residential sessions, as well as the optional executive study tour for the Global Challenge, are not included in the cost.


  • A special early bird price (10% discount) is also provided by the EUI GEM to applicants who meet the criteria listed below.
  • Application must be submitted by January 31, 2024, at 14:00 CET.
    whose involvement in the programme is not dependent on outside funds.
  • Although the majority of EUI GEM participants are anticipated to be self- or employer-funded, some financial assistance will be made available to chosen participants with particular profiles.
  • We are actively negotiating with third-party suppliers to secure additional targeted tuition fee exemptions and full scholarships for applicants who fulfil certain criteria in addition to the limited number of targeted tuition fee waivers that are already available.

For more information, visit European University Institute’s Global Executive Master (EUI GEM) 2024

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