Palladium Challenge Fund for Emerging Organisations

Deadline: October 27th 2023 | Palladium Challenge Fund For Emerging Organisations

Title: Palladium Challenge Fund For Emerging Organisations
Organisation: Palladium Challenge Fund
Fund/Benefit: AUS $100 000
Deadline: October 27th 2023
Eligible countries: All countries

The 2023 Palladium Challenge Fund: Technology for Humanitarian Action is looking for applications from groups with creative responses to humanitarian crises that either scale up already existing breakthroughs or unlock the benefits of technological innovation.


The Palladium Challenge Fund sources creative solutions to global challenges by partnering with over 1,600 organisations and drawing on its network in over 90 countries. With a defined “problem statement” in mind, they support groups and projects that:

  • Test fresh methods and new technologies
  • De-risk new business ventures
  • Deliver results through creative financial techniques
  • Encourage the gathering of challenges to innovation

They are especially intrigued by ideas that support local communities and provide viable, long-term solutions.

  • Innovations may, but need not, take the following forms:
  • Early warning systems and forecasting
  • Blockchain to support human rights monitoring
  • Using social media to inform needs analysis
  • Digital currency transfers that are proactive and reactive
  • Distribution assisted by drone technology
  • Using 3D printing to speed up regional manufacturing
  • Digital IDs and biometrics for tracking and monitoring

They are seeking answers that:

  • Test fresh methods and new technologies
  • De-risk new business enterprises focusing on humanitarian aid and/or deal with systemic limitations
  • Organise teams around creative solutions for humanitarian aid
  • Expand current innovations

The theme for 2023 is “Technologies for Humanitarian Action.”

Financial Details

  • Palladium Challenge Fund: Funded activities are sought out and evaluated in accordance with a challenge fund model against an annual theme, with preference given to submissions that test or show innovation. The maximum award is AUS$100,000.


  • All kinds of NGOs are welcome to submit proposals to the Palladium Challenge Fund. Small and/or start-up organisations that can show innovation and scalability are especially invited to apply.
  • Employees, outside partners, and other interested parties may apply to submit initiatives for funding in an open and accessible manner. Only submissions made through the Palladium Challenge Fund Application Form and according to the current year’s theme will be taken into consideration. No additional grant assistance request letters may be taken into consideration.
  • Submissions to the Palladium Challenge Fund are judged suitable for funding whether they come from a for-profit, non-profit, or grassroots entity, including tiny and/or start-up groups. Multi-year submissions are, however, only taken into consideration in exceptional circumstances.

Everyone applying must:

  • Follow Palladium’s code of ethics in business; make a difference in the nations where Palladium operates; and guarantee the necessary approvals are in place to deliver activity in any target countries.
  • Not have been the subject of any bankruptcy-related legal actions or other agreements. Have satisfied all tax-related obligations within the nation, including those relating to the payment of income tax, sales tax, and other types of tax contributions. Have declared any conflicts of interest that may affect the application, both real and perceived, and provided information on how any such conflicts can be mitigated.

For more information, visit Palladium

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