Rwandan Local Government Entities and CSOs Adaptation Fund

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Deadline: October 20th 2023 | Rwandan Local Government Entities and CSOs Adaptation Fund

Rwanda’s local government entities (districts and the city of Kigali) and civil society organisations can now submit financial requests for projects aimed at adapting to climate change.


Support from the Rwanda Subnational Adaptation Fund Enhanced Direct Access Project, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Environment through the Rwanda Green Fund, has enabled this opportunity.

Priority Sectors

  • The following sectors’ project ideas from civil society organisations and local government entities (districts and the city of Kigali) are eligible for funding:
    • Climate-smart farming
    • Managing Land in a Sustainable Way
    • Management of Integrated Water Resources
    • Irrigation on a Small Scale

Information on Funding and Duration

  • Grant funding values for eligible project submissions should be as follows:
  • Organisation of the Civil Society Proposals: District and City of Kigali Local Government Entity (between Rwf 120 million and Rwf 300 million) Between Rwf 1.2 billion and Rwf 1.8 billion is suggested.
  • In their project proposal, applicants are urged to highlight their own in-kind and monetary contributions. In order to show their capacity for sustainability, organisations and entities submitting funding requests should attempt to provide co-financing.
  • Each project will receive funding for a period of between two and five years, with a cap of 42 months.


  • Project ideas from local government entities (districts and the City of Kigali) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) registered in Rwanda are both welcome in response to this call for proposals.
  • A Civil Society Organisation (CSO) in conjunction with a District or the City of Kigali, as a group of CSOs, or a single CSO acting alone, may carry out a project. A consortium like this can only contain a maximum of three CSOs.
  • In the Project Profile Document (PPD) and Project Document (PD), the purpose of the collaboration as well as the obligations of each partner, must be made explicit.

Please be aware that the only Local Government Entities eligible for funding are Districts and the City of Kigali. This round of financing is not available to private businesses or other public organisations.

eligibility requirements

  • The following requirements must be met by the civil society organisation:
  • The organisation must have a Rwandan registration and have worked on environmental projects for at least two years.
  • Have completed similar assignments with success.
  • Knowledge of the project management lifecycle.
  • Business development expertise.
  • Knowledge about neighbourhood finances.
  • Experience building communities and institutions for the implementation of climate and environmental resilient initiatives.


  • A Civil Society Organisation, a Local Government Entity (the District and the City of Kigali), or both jointly, shall submit the project.
  • Results-based and in line with the M&E Logical Framework for the Rwanda Green Fund’s output indicators The project should be planned so that advantages continue after project activities are completed.
  • The undertaking must adhere to environmental and social impact standards.
  • The endeavour ought to show value for money.
  • The project needs to show that it consulted all relevant parties.
  • The project should support or be in line with key national and international climate and environment goals.
  • The project should adhere to current laws and anti-corruption rules. The initiative should have a large number of beneficiaries and make a strong case for social inclusion and gender promotion.
  • The organisations responsible for carrying out the project should demonstrate their ability to do so.
  • The project must adhere to the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) of the Rwanda Green Fund. Only initiatives classified by Rwanda Green Fund’s ESMF as Category B+ or C risk initiatives will be funded.

For more information, visit Rwanda Green Fund.

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