International Public Health Leadership Programme(Fully funded)

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Deadline: October 16th 2023 | International Public Health Leadership Programme(Fully funded)

An eight-month programme called the International Public Health Leadership Programme(Fully funded) is available to aspiring leaders who work with or closely with African Ministries of Health. IPPHL, a flagship initiative of the Evans School at the University of Washington, broadens the policy and leadership expertise of executives to help them create and put into practise long-lasting public policy changes and reform healthcare systems.


The fundamentals of policy analysis, evidence and assessment, implementation, and individual leadership development are highlighted in the curriculum.

IPPHL has trained 150 public health experts in 29 African nations since 2017. The Centre for Creative Leadership is a partner in the programme and contributes 100% of the funding.


  • African public health practitioner in their mid-career who works for the government, a federal, regional, state, or provincial organisation, or a government initiative or partner
  • Liable for overseeing either a team of employees or a single member of a public health programme with supervisory obligations; accountable for managing frontline health personnel or public health programme performance
  • Possesses a degree in public health or is a qualified medical professional
  • A resident and citizen of an African nation
  • The capacity to express the many policy or programme implementation problems they face in the public health programme, as well as strong English language abilities Specifications for Participation

Participation and dedication

If accepted, you will be required to participate in all live, virtual, and in-person programme components, as well as to prepare for the session. View the anticipated time(s) below:

  • Virtual sessions for orientation are scheduled for March 5, 6, and 7 from 4 to 5:30 PM GMT.
  • An average of 5-7 hours per week are spent on programmatic assignments, such as reading case studies and articles, completing self-assessments, meeting with their executive coach and faculty advisor, and taking part in the live online sessions for the Policy Intensive (virtual sessions, every Tuesday and Thursday, 4 pm–5:30 pm GMT, April 16–May 30).
  • 2.5 weeks of experiential learning, workshops, networking, and personal leadership development are offered during the Leadership Immersion in Seattle, Washington, USA (June 12–June 29). It is necessary to be present for the entire two-week period.
  • Launch & Learn – virtual touchpoints: Fellows start implementing the leadership, implementation, and policy frameworks at their places of employment during this period (July 16–September 2: Selected Tues; 4pm–5:30pm GMT). Four 90-minute sessions are scheduled for the cohort to check in on each other’s progress. During these six weeks, fellows complete their written policy projects.
  • The cohort meets in person for the last after-action to assess success and plan how to advance projects, agendas, and teams. Capstone Seminar – Nairobi, Kenya (September 3 – 6). All five days of the course must be attended in full.
  • You will finish a policy project during the course of the programme that focuses on an implementation or policy issue you are currently dealing with at work. You will be matched with a faculty advisor who will help you build your project. You will be required to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to get input.


To apply, please be ready to complete the following sections of the application:

Fill out the online application.

  • Three quick-answer inquiries each topic is limited to 1500 characters; see the application for a complete list of questions and expectations):
  • How you have influenced change in the past (or in your current position) using your leadership and management abilities, and what personal qualities have you found to be most helpful in overcoming leadership obstacles and influencing change
  • A significant obstacle you have in your role or in your health programme that you want to address as a problem with IPPHL policy
  • How this program’s lessons in leadership, policy analysis, and persuasion will help you achieve your professional goals
  • Upload a PDF of your resume or CV.
  • Publish a PDF version of your supervisor’s Statement of Release.This declaration should be made by a person or organisation that has the power to excuse you from paying for the time you spent participating in the program’s in-person and online components, some of which might take place during regular business hours.
  • Upload a PDF of your employer’s or supervisor’s letter of recommendation. Include the following in your letter of recommendation:
  • There are several ways that an IPPHL-style leadership and policy programme would help you advance professionally.
  • One quality or special ability you’d bring to the project
  • There are two benefits to participating in IPPHL for your broader team and organisation.
  • A pledge from your organisation to take part in programme components that call for participation, like surveys

For more information, visit the IPPHL 2024 International Programme in Public Health Leadership Program’s official website.

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