funds to assist GBV-related activities in kenya

Deadline: 17th September 2023 | Funds To Assist GBV-Related Activities In Kenya

In order to assist initiatives and actions aimed at combating gender-based violence (GBV) in the counties of Kisii and Nyamira, the International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is now inviting community-based organisations, grassroots movements, and civil society organisations to submit grant requests.


In 1970, the International Solidarity Foundation (ISF), a Finnish development agency, was established. ISF imagines a society in which girls and women have the freedom to shape their own futures, that their right to self-determination is fully realised, and that their bodily integrity is respected.

The Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) project’s main goal is to develop a vibrant grassroots movement against gender-based violence in these counties, supported by specialised prevention strategies, cooperative events, knowledge sharing, skill enhancement through peer learning and mentorship, and financial support for regional stakeholders.

Support Provided

  • ISF will offer money to teams and organisations with creative concepts and, preferably, a track record of carrying out comparable or related activities for at least a year that fall into (but are not limited to) the following categories:
  • Prevention
    • Actions taken to stop or lessen gender-based violence by addressing its underlying causes and the social norms that support it.
  • Support for those who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing gender-based violence, as well as guaranteeing their safety, wellbeing, and access to essential services, are the appropriate responses.
  • Access to Justice
    • Initiatives to improve survivors’ capacity to seek legal redress and protection, removing obstacles that can stand in their way.
  • The planned activity for this Call should be centred on one of the aforementioned categories and involve any of the indicative but not all-inclusive activities listed below (applicants may also suggest additional pertinent activities):

Regional initiatives

Speaking out and lobbying

  • Therapeutic services, legal defence, and social support
  • support for those who are the targets of discrimination.
  • Youth and cultural events
  • Visibility, outreach, and communication initiatives
  • Creation of web portals, mobile applications, and other digital solutions.
  • Public discussion and information availability
  • Involvement in the creation of regional policies, projects, and action plans
  • Initiatives in social entrepreneurship
  • Reporting in the local media
  • Others

Financial Details

  • Successful candidates will get funding from ISF in the amount of KES 300,000 to KES 3,000,000 to support the chosen activities.

Included in ineligible costs

  • Debts and interest-related fees for servicing them.
  • Provisions for probable losses or liabilities in the future.
  • Actions that are entirely or largely made up of infrastructure and capital purchases, such as those for land, buildings, and cars.
  • Not immediately used in the activity is the equipment.
  • Contributions made in kind, excluding volunteer labour.
  • Cost of human salaries.
  • Bonuses are accounted for in personnel costs.
  • The low interest rates that banks and other financial organisations charge.
  • Actions that are solely or mostly focused on sponsoring individuals to attend workshops, seminars, conferences, and congresses.
  • Actions including entirely or primarily individual scholarships for training or academic programmes.
  • Funding political parties or charities that are tied to politics.
  • Actions relating to one-time conferences. Conferences can only be sponsored if they are a part of a larger set of initiatives that will be carried out over the project’s duration.


  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are non-profit, non-governmental, and volunteer groups that are independent of the public and private sectors of society and were formed to address a range of social, cultural, environmental, and humanitarian issues.
  • Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) are organisations that are based in a particular geographic area and are primarily concerned with addressing the particular needs and issues that those communities have.
  • Grassroots movements are small, locally based organisations that concentrate on addressing particular issues or concerns within a community and emphasise the significance of community engagement, participatory decision-making, and direct action. They are frequently started and led by people or community members who are directly impacted by the issues they aim to address.

Visit the International Solidarity Foundation for additional details.

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