Regional Director- Regional Coordinating Center East Africa Job Vacancy In Kenya

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Regional Director of the East (AfCDC) Regional Coordinating Center

the country of Kenya

African Union, organization

Organizational Details

Director of the General

Organizational Unit: Office of the Director General

Division: Nairobi’s Regional Collaborating Center

How many direct reports are there?

The quantity of indirect reports is:

Grade of Work: P5

One position total.

Type of Contract: Regular

Location: Kenya, Nairobi


Function of Job

In order to promote cooperation and coordination among regional stakeholders in the area of health and social care, the Regional Collaborating Center’s Regional Director is in charge of overseeing and administering the center’s strategic and operational activities. The regional director is responsible for managing staff hiring and management as well as the creation and execution of the center’s work plan, budget, and performance metrics. Additionally, the regional director represents the center at external gatherings and events and establishes and maintains productive alliances with Member states and pertinent local, state, and federal agencies, networks, and organizations.

Main Purposes

For the Regional Collaborating Centre (RCC), the Regional Director is accountable for:

  • Supervising the strategy plan’s execution at the RCC,
  • Managing the RCC’s personnel and financial resources while building collaborations with pertinent parties.
  • Representing the RCC in forums around the world; and
  • Ensure conformity with the vision and mission of the RCC.
  • The Technical Advisory Committee of the RCC is a key partner for the Regional Director, who answers to the Director General.

details of your obligations

  1. Coordinate and assist in the creation of RCC work plans for the expansion of regional epidemiology and laboratory surveillance capabilities.
  2. Encourages the creation of favorable conditions for information sharing and research cooperation between RCCs.
  3. To guarantee adequate and quick staff deployment, facilitate RCCs links to the Africa CDC Emergency Operations Centre activities.
  4. Assist in and oversee the creation of RCC’s preparedness, reaction, and assessment plans.
  5. Promote the adaptation of Africa CDC surveillance policies to increase RCC disease surveillance monitoring and reporting.
  6. Make it easier to apply Africa CDC technical reference policies, guidelines, strategies, and tools into RCC situations to guarantee that public health initiatives are carried out consistently.
  7. Direct, supervise, and mentor the creation of peer-reviewed research articles in epidemiology, surveillance, or allied health sciences.
  8. Represent the agency on the Director’s behalf at conferences, meetings, and other events where the agency wants to be known.
  9. Participates in a scientific review committee for the evaluation and development of public health scientific policies, procedures, and guidelines, representing the agency’s scientific interests.
  10. Plans the provision of technical assistance in support of CDC Emergency Response initiatives in Africa as necessary and allocated.

requirements for education and relevant experience

  • A master’s degree in a field that relates to the topic, such as public health, basic health science (such as biology or chemistry), epidemiology, or health services research, for example.
  • A master’s degree in public health or a closely related field AND a clinical degree (such as an M.D., MPhil, in medicine, pharmacy, or nursing).
  • Twelve (12) years of relevant experience working in the field of public health, with a focus on infectious disease epidemiology, monitoring and surveillance, and operational research. At least seven (7) of those years must have been spent in a managerial position with the authority to oversee national, regional, or international public health programs, and five (5) years must have been spent at the supervisory level.
  • Vast experience in managing and directing complicated projects spanning numerous nations and industries.
  • Have effectively managed the provision of top-notch technical help, capacity building, and knowledge sharing to aid in the execution of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Should have encouraged solid engagement and partnerships with a range of parties, including the commercial sector, governments, civil society, and development partners.
  • In my prior positions, I ought to have showed strategic vision, leadership abilities, and a dedication to excellence and innovation.

necessary skills

A Regional Director of Regional Collaborating Centers in the Africa CDC must have the following qualifications:

  • Strong management and leadership abilities: The Regional Director must be able to manage and lead the RCDCs effectively. This entails establishing specific goals and objectives, creating and putting into practice plans, and efficiently managing personnel and resources.
  • Outstanding communication abilities: The Regional Director must be able to interact with a wide range of stakeholders, including AU officials, governmental authorities, partners, and the general public. This involves being able to express the RCDC’s goals and objectives succinctly, as well as the organization’s efforts and successes.
  • Technical knowledge: The Regional Director needs to be technically knowledgeable in the regions where the RCDC works. This could apply to fields like agriculture, health, education, or the environment.
  • Political acuity: The Regional Director needs to be able to maneuver within the political environment of the AU and its member nations. This involves having the ability to establish connections with important stakeholders and to promote the work of the RCC.
  • Global exposure: The Regional Director needs to have global exposure. Working with international partners and working in a multi-cultural workplace are examples of this.

The Regional Director also needs to be a strategic thinker, a problem solver, and a team player in addition to the aforementioned abilities. To accomplish the goals and objectives of the RCC, the regional director must possess the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

The Regional Director of the Regional Collaborating Centers in Africa for the CDC is a key position that necessitates a broad range of abilities and knowledge. They must be able to demonstrate strong leadership and management, excellent communication skills, technical knowledge, political astuteness, and global experience.

Having leadership qualities

Core Capabilities

Functioning Capabilities


The three (3) years of the appointment will be on a normal term contract, with the first twelve months being regarded as a probationary period. Following that, the contract will be for a two-year term that is renewable if the performance and deliverables are satisfactory.


The AU Commission encourages competent women to apply because it is an equal opportunity workplace.


Knowledge of two AU languages fluently and proficiency in one of the AU working languages (Arabic, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, and Spanish) is an advantage.


Indicative basic salary of US$ 50,746.00 (P5 Step1) per year plus additional benefits, such as housing allowance of US$ 21,240.00 (per annum), education allowance of 100% of tuition and other education-related costs for every eligible dependent up to a maximum of US$ 10,000.00 per child per year, and post adjustment of up to 42% of basic salary for locally hired employees.

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