Grant Programme for Local Media for Democracy

Deadline: 28th September 2023 | Grant Programme for Local Media for Democracy

Title: Grant Programme for Local Media for Democracy
Organisation: Journalism Fund Europe
Fund/Benefit: €1,200,000
Deadline: 28th September 2023
Eligible Countries: All countries

Applications are currently being accepted for the Grant Programme for Local Media for Democracy at


In areas where access to information has drastically declined, this Grant Programme for Local Media for Democracy provides €1.200.000 in financial support to local, regional, and community media outlets who are working hard to serve the public interest. The chosen media will also receive technical support (managed by IMS) and mentoring in order to strengthen their organisational capability, journalism innovation, and commercial viability. This is a component of a bigger plan that the European Commission supports.

These “news deserts” can be geographical, administrative, or sociological communities where getting access to dependable, varied, and independent local, regional, and community media is challenging or impossible. In other words, news deserts can form not just in areas without media outlets but also in places where newsrooms have been taken over by political, economic, or other interests.

The media chosen for this programme will also receive technical and strategic mentoring help from media experts to promote journalism innovation, organisational capacity, and business sustainability. International Media help (IMS) will oversee this support.

Financial Details

  • There will be €600.000 available per call in total, which will be split among all supported projects.

Activities That Qualify

  • Activities of the following kinds are acceptable:
  • inviting professionals to create a long-term company media strategy.
  • Attend training on relevant topics for their journalists, editors, and media managers.
  • support for audience interaction and innovative editorial practises.
  • Support for company innovation initiatives (such as revenue diversification)
  • Business planning and strategy: for media who require help in these areas.
  • Growth and community engagement: developing audience tactics with a focus on regional audiences.
  • Native advertising: creation of collaborative content and product offers in advertorials.
  • Investigate native advertising to boost overall sales.
  • Agile development and innovation: identifying a field for these two practises. Innovation and experimentation to discover new growth or resilience pathways.
  • knowledge on how to create a formal structure for a local media.
  • investing in technical equipment and research (only investment depreciation would be regarded as cost).


  • Legal enterprises with a registered office in one of the EU27 countries or teams of journalists (physical persons) with their legal residency in the EU27 (including the 9 EU outermost regions) are both eligible for this funding initiative.
  • The legal entities shall not be a part of a group or consortium with a combined turnover exceeding 3 million euros, and they should have less than 1.5 million euros in annual revenue.
  • The public, especially local residents and communities whose interests are best served by quality, moral, and pluralistic local media, must benefit from eligible ideas.
  • To develop independence, resilience, and sustainability in local, regional, and community media, the project should be precisely defined and time-bound (the project’s maximum period is seven months).
  • The grant application’s goal is to encourage clearly defined, avant-garde projects that go above and beyond routine operations rather than to finance them.
  • The media outlets must have been formally incorporated at least a year prior to the grant call’s application deadline. Journalistic groups must demonstrate that they have worked together for at least a year.
  • Before the grant application deadline, media organisations should have already made their journalistic output publicly accessible (no business-to-business journalism).
  • The applicant and/or the pertinent news source targets a sizable readership in the relevant area.
  • The funding is not open to training organisations.
  • Each applicant is only eligible to submit one project application.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically using the Journalism Fund Europe application website in order to be considered.

Visit the Local Media for Democracy Grant Programme for further details.

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