The Conrad N. Hilton for Humanitarian award

Deadline: 27th September 2023 | The Conrad N. Hilton for Humanitarian Award

For the 2024 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Award, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Award is now accepting nominations.


The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Award, valued at $2.5 million, is the greatest yearly humanitarian prize in the world given to charity organisations that have excelled in reducing suffering in society.

The is given to a nonprofit organisation rather than an individual in order to draw attention to the urgent need for humanitarian relief around the world and to those organisations who are working to find solutions for affected communities all over the world.

The Prize aims to raise awareness of the need for humanitarian relief around the world and to inspire others to increase their support, in addition to honouring and advancing the efforts of the receiving organisation.

eligibility for the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Award

  • Organisations, not individuals, may be nominated.
  • Candidates must be well-established nonprofits with widespread public support. Eligibility is based on a tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, or a comparable status from a foreign organisation. (The Foundation will get in touch with international nominees and request the necessary documentation.)
  • For consideration, nominees must have a minimum of five years of legal existence.
  • The nominees’ personal five-year rolling audited financial statements are required.
  • In their most recent audited fiscal year of business, nominees must have spent more than $750,000 USD.
  • A Hilton Humanitarian Prize laureate, a local office, or a member organisation of a Prize laureate are not eligible to be nominees.
  • Nominees are not allowed to be local branches, affiliates, or fiscally sponsored organisations of parent organisations.
  • Specific organisational programmes or university-based initiatives are not eligible as nominees.
  • Nominees aren’t allowed to be academic institutions like colleges or universities that award degrees, but they are allowed to be affiliates of such institutions as long as they continue to have their own independent tax-exempt status, or something comparable for international organisations, and they are able to provide their own independently audited financials.

Requirements for Nominations

  • The proposer must be intimately familiar with the work of the nominee organisation.
  • The proposer must not be a director, employee, or anybody else getting pay from the nominee organisation for their services. Board members are eligible to run for office as long as they are unpaid for their work.
  • A nominee cannot be a relative of a nominee’s organization’s officer or worker.
  • It’s possible that the nominee is not the organization’s founder.
  • The proposer may not be a Conrad N. Hilton Foundation employee, board member, prize jury member, or a close relative of any such person.
  • The proposer need not be a member of the Hilton family.
  • Considerations for Evaluation
  • The nomination letter should place more emphasis on the organization’s past successes than its long-term objectives. Performance from the past and the present should both be considered. Consider the following factors while summarising your nominee’s work:
  • Extraordinary contributions to easing pain in people.
  • Importance of the issue(s) that the organisation is trying to solve.
  • A demonstrated track record of significantly advancing solutions.
  • An effective programmatic strategy must be shown in order to have a long-lasting effect.
  • Ability of the organisation and administrative effectiveness to address the problem(s) at hand.
  • The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in plans, initiatives, and operations.
  • Demonstration of successful collaborations to maximise impact.
  • Evaluation of programmatic approach as a top priority for ongoing improvement.
  • The Prize would have an effect on the organisation and the issue(s) that it prioritises.

For more information, visit the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

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