princeton university Fellowship PROGRAMME 2024-2025

Deadline: November 15th 2023 | Princeton University Fellowship Programme 2024-2025

Title: Princeton University Fellowship Programme 2024-2025
Organization: Prince University
Fund/Benefit Scholarships for many students
Deadline: 15th November 2023
Eligible Countries: All countries

The program’s theme for the ten-month academic year 2024–2025 will be “Colonial Residues.” Today, colonialism is regularly mentioned as a contributing factor to global injustice or, in some startling cases, as a cause for nostalgic pleasure. Colonialism’s numerous effects are pervasive in both the “new” states and the “old” ones that reluctantly let them go. Its traces are frequently visible and measurable, shaping political regimes and socioeconomic well-being as well as dictating who tells whose stories and how, who gets credit for what, and how resources are used, taken away from, or contaminated. Similar to the microplastics that presently contaminate the air, water, and earth, colonial remnants are undoubtedly still present even though they are not immediately apparent.


Therefore, PIRS invites applications from academics whose research deepens our comprehension of this phenomenon. As well as addressing any historical or contemporary region of the world, applicants may come from any humanities or social science discipline. The goal is to provide a platform for a truly exceptional group of international scholars to collaborate and examine the colonial legacies of today beyond the traditional dichotomy between colony and metropole, asking how they might be stopped and whether there might not even be workable solutions for our shared future.


  • Early-career researchers will hold the position of Visiting Research Scholar. Scholars with a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree who graduated no earlier than September 1, 2014 are eligible.
  • Early-career applicants must be established independent scholars outside of the United States at the time of application and have a professor post, a professional research appointment, or be established independent scholars outside the United States at the time of application, where they will be expected to return after the fellowship is over.
  • Candidates who have already displayed exceptional scholastic achievement and showed great intellectual promise but are still in the early stages of their careers will be given fellowships. The quality of the applicant’s research projects, their relevance to the program’s theme, their prior scholarly accomplishments, their capacity to contribute to the intellectual life and intellectual exchange of the programme, and their work history abroad are all factors in determining whether they will be awarded a fellowship. The selection committee seeks to create a cohort of fellows whose work represents various disciplinary backgrounds, analytical philosophies, and geographic foci.
  • Without regard to sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, handicap status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law, all qualified applicants shall be given equal consideration.

Application Conditions

The candidate must deliver the following materials, in English, before November 15, 2023 (11:59 p.m. ET):

  • Apply at: Princeton University/Academic Positions/Position/31841
  • Cover letter, no longer than 1.5 pages
  • A resume that includes publications
  • Three pages, maximum, single-spaced, research proposal
  • One sample of writing (maximum 50 pages for an article or book chapter)
  • An official letter from the applicant’s current employment confirming that, should an offer be made, the applicant would be able to accept it and spend the academic year at Princeton University is required for applicants who hold a professor post or a professional research appointment. If a scholar is autonomous, a notice indicating this status must be uploaded.
  • Three referees’ names and email addresses so that the online application system can automatically contact them and ask them to file a letter of reference before the application deadline.
  • Please note that all letters of recommendation must be delivered by your references by the deadline of November 15, 2023.

For Additional Information

View the PIIRS Fung Global Fellows Programme 2024’s official website.

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