the UBA Foundation National Essay Competition (up to N10.5)

Deadline: October 20th 2023 | The UBA Foundation National Essay Competition (up to N10.5)

The UBA Foundation’s education initiative, which aims to encourage healthy and intellectual competition among secondary school students in Nigeria and throughout Africa, includes the annual organisation of The UBA National Essay Competition (up to N10.5), which is geared towards senior secondary students in Nigeria.

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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace Human Intelligence? is the topic of this essay. What should students do to ensure that AI doesn’t replace but rather strengthens their capacity to learn through research?


  • Must be a senior secondary school student in Nigeria.
  • Must include a passport photo
  • Must upload a scanned copy of a form of identification (such as a passport, national ID, or birth certificate).


  • A N5 million educational grant to any African university of their choosing is the first prize in the UBA National Essay Competition.
  • The second- and third-place awards are, respectively, N3 million and N2.5 million in educational grants to African universities.


  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s international passport data page or original birth certificate must be uploaded.
  • A handwritten essay (of no more than 750 words) must be uploaded by applicants on the portal.
  • Application deadline: October 20, 2023, on Friday

For Additional Information visit the official website of the UBA National Essay Competition.

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