Call for Applications for the cesium ecosystem Grants

Deadline: Not specified | Call for Applications for the Cesium ecosystem Grants

Looking to become a Cesium Certified Developer as a student or educator? Call for Applications for the cesium ecosystem Grants programme, apply right away to win $800 for finishing your Certification

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Cesium has pledged to support and diversify its environment by providing ecological grants.

Cesium’s commitment to fostering innovation, boosting interoperability, lowering entry barriers, and extending the 3D geospatial ecosystem is demonstrated by the Cesium Ecosystem Grants programme.

Individuals and organisations who submit significant suggestions that are in line with Cesium’s key values of Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Continuous Learning will be awarded financial rewards. The impact of the applicant’s contribution should be discussed along with how they are addressing a pertinent need or opportunity in 3D geospatial.

Financial Details

  • Grants in the range of $5,000 and $50,000 are given as awards. More than $15,000 will not be available to any one person.
  • Students and educators who finish the Cesium Certified Developer programme within two months are eligible for awards, which include payments of $800 USD.


  • Grants are available to anyone who wants to promote 3D geospatial in a cooperative and open ecosystem, independent of demographics, institutions, or industries.

Among others, important proposal subjects for ecosystem grants include:

  • Contributions made as open source to Cesium, projects based on or linked to Cesium, or initiatives within the 3D geospatial ecosystem;
  • Contributions to the expansion of the ecosystem, such as open standards, multi-project integrations, documentation, tutorials, and open data;
  • Geospatial in the Classroom: Creating academic curricula for teachers; Cesium for Social Good: Reporting on Climate Change etc.
    Visit Cesium for additional information.

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