AREF Research Development Fellowship Programme 2023/2024

Deadline for Submissions: September 14, 2023 | AREF Research Development Fellowship Programme 2023/2024

The AREF Research Development Fellowship Programme 2023/2024’s goal is to give excellent African health researchers the chance to lead research that is relevant to the continent’s conditions and can lessen the burden of disease. It seeks to advance young African scientists by enhancing their knowledge, expertise, self-assurance, and research outputs.

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The AREF Research Development Fellowship Programme 2023/2024 gives recipients the chance to refine their own research concepts, acquire the necessary research expertise, expand their network of collaborators and mentors, and build a strong grant submission.

to aid with the professional development of African researchers who are aspiring leaders and working on significant issues pertaining to human health.


  • A three- to nine-month internship in a top research centre in the UK, Europe, or Africa, along with extra assistance from your home school before and after the internship. Funding available up to £47,000


  • Beginning researchers. These are post-doctoral researchers with higher degrees who are African citizens and work in the continent.


By the end of March 2024, AREF hopes to inform all applicants of the results of their applications.
Successful Fellowships are anticipated to begin no later than December 2024, but no earlier than July 2024.
All application materials must be submitted by 13:00 GMT on September 14, 2023.

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Visit the AREF Official Website for more details.

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