Fellowship Programme for USIP Peace Scholars 2024–2025 (up to $20,000)

Deadline:  28th November 2023| Fellowship Programme for USIP Peace Scholars 2024–2025

The Fellowship Programme for USIP Peace Scholars 2024–2025 is now accepting applications. PhD students enrolled in U.S. universities who are writing doctoral dissertations on subjects relevant to conflict management, peace building, and security studies are given non-residential fellowships through the USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship programme.

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408 researchers have had their dissertations supported by the programme since 1988, and many of them have gone on to significant careers in research, higher education, and policymaking. To fund more fellowships, this programme collaborates with the Minerva Research Initiative. The programme currently grants up to 18 fellowships annually, and rewards help fund both the research and writing phases of dissertation preparation.

Applications from people who belong to groups that are typically underrepresented in diplomacy and global politics, peace and conflict studies, security studies, and other related academic fields are especially welcomed.


  • A stipend of up to $20 000 is given to Peace Scholar fellows, and it is given to them in three installments.


  • Open to Ph.D. students who have successfully finished all prerequisite coursework and comprehensive tests and are enrolled in U.S. universities.
  • Applicants must not be US citizens. They must be Ph.D. students who are now enrolled in an American university. Students attending distant universities are ineligible, as well.
  • Students seeking master’s degrees or other graduate degrees are not eligible to apply.
  • Peace Scholars are not limited in age.


  • In accordance with their studies, Peace Scholar fellows conduct their fellowship work at their institutions or other locations.
  • The following are things that peace scholars are supposed to do and give their whole attention to:
    • Attend the annual Peace Scholar workshop in person each autumn in Washington, D.C. Submit quarterly dissertation progress reports for the dissertation advisor’s signature.
      Updates should be sent in for the USIP Peace Scholar’s seasonal newsletter.
      two virtual roundtable talks that you can take part in;
    • Send a copy of your finished dissertation that has received committee approval to USIP. You should also send copies of any additional publications, such as books and articles, that come about as a result of the fellowship.


The following sections are included in the application:

  • You must be a Ph.D. candidate enrolled at a U.S. university as proof of your eligibility.
  • Contact and personal information about you
  • Recommendation letters
  • Bibliography
  • Academic resume
  • Optional publications links
  • One week after the application deadline, letters of recommendation are required. By 4:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, all letters of recommendation for the 2024–25 Peace Scholar competition must be turned in.

Visit USIP Peace Scholar Fellowship for additional details.

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