Beautiful Business Fund for Xero(NZ$750 000)

Deadline: October 6, 2023 | Beautiful Business Fund for Xero

Beautiful Business Fund for Xero is offering more than NZ$750 000 to qualifying Xero small company clients across Australia, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the US, and all you have to do is apply.


Funding Categories

Beautiful Business Fund for Xero is a programme supporting startups for the future, has been launched by Xero, and the company is excited about it. There is no restriction on the number of entries for each of the four funding categories:

  • Developing sustainable innovations
    • For small businesses looking to advance their sustainability efforts. For example, it could be to migrate to sustainable packaging, deploy energy-efficient equipment or carbon neutral transport.They want to know how you intend to advance in your pursuit of sustainability.
  • Leading the way with technology
    • For little companies looking to innovate. This might entail integrating new emerging technologies or digitising a portion of your operations. They are interested in how you are keeping up with technological development.
  • Strengthening ties within the community
    • For small businesses or non-profits who seek to give back to their communities. It could be to contribute to philanthropy, social good, or have an impact on the community in a meaningful way. They want to see how you are bringing people together and giving back to your community.
  • Upskilling for the future
    • For small enterprises wishing to assist upskilling for themselves or their workers. This could include access to training and other professional development opportunities. They want to see how you are thinking ahead and preparing for the future.

Funding Information

  • The Xero Beautiful Business Fund grants more than NZ$750 000 in funding to winning small enterprises. Funding will be provided to winners at a regional and global level.
  • Each of the seven nations where the tournament is running will select four winners (one for each category) for a total of 28 regional champions. Each winner will get NZ$20 000 in funding or a regional equivalent.
  • A worldwide judging panel will then assess the pool of regional winners (a total of 28 winners), and 4 global champions—one in each category—will be chosen and awarded an additional global reward of NZ$50 000 in funding (or equivalent local cash).
  • The breakdown of regional funds is as follows:
  • U.S. wins four times: $12 500
  • Winners from Canada: $15 000
  • × 4 winners from South Africa: R250 000
  • New Zealand four times: $20 000.
  • × 4 winners from the United Kingdom: £10 000
  • Winners in Singapore x 4: $15 000
  • Winners from Australia: $20 000

Eligibility requirements

  • If you are a small business user of Xero and meet the requirements listed below, you may submit an application for the Xero Beautiful Business Fund.
  • Your company must
    • Be situated in one of the following countries: South Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (except Quebec), or Australia.
    • Have between 0 and 50 workers.
    • Be a paying Xero subscriber at the time of entry and at the time of the winners’ announcement, which will take place in November 2023 (either directly or through a Xero accounting or bookkeeping partner).
    • Either be a for-profit or nonprofit organisation.
    • Fill out the entire application, add your 90-second pitch video, and submit it.
    • Either the company owner or an authorised employee may carry out this task.

Judging Standards

  • The applications chosen to receive financing from the Xero Beautiful Business Fund will be evaluated according to the following evaluation criteria.
  • A minimum of five judges will be on each of the regional and international judging panels. The regional judging will take place first, and each judge will evaluate the calibre of entries that have been shortlisted in accordance with this standard, awarding 1 to 5 points for each of the questions mentioned below (5 being the best). The judges will then tally up all the points for each applicant to determine which submissions received the top three scores. The regional winner in each category will be determined by adding the sums of the top three submissions from each judge. To determine the worldwide champion for each of the four categories, the global judging panel will consider a total of 28 regional winners, one from each region for each category.
  • The 28 regional champions will be evaluated by the worldwide judges using the same standards, and each question will receive a score between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest. The judges will next determine their top three submissions based on the total points they awarded to each applicant. There will be a total of four global champions, determined by adding the sums of the best three scores received from each judge.

Visit the official website of Xero for more details.

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