The £500,000 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in 2024

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Deadline: the 14th of July, 2023 | The £500,000 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in 2024

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering 2024 is currently accepting applications. The QEPrize is looking for public nominations that honor a wide range of engineering breakthroughs from all facets of the profession, as well as a diverse range of nominators from around the world.

Title: The £500,000 Queen Elizabeth Prize
for Engineering in 2024
Nationality: All Nationalities
Amount: £500,000
Deadline: 14th of July, 2023
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Ten years have passed since the first QEPrize was given out. They have honored 20 distinguished engineers in the last ten years whose discoveries have improved billions of lives. As this significant year of the QEPrize draws near, they are looking for a wide variety of nominations that genuinely embody engineering brilliance.

Every element of life is improved by engineering, and the boundaries are continually being pushed. This is reflected in the QEPrize, which covers various fields of study and industries. The world’s largest and greenest buildings, the most precise robots for heart surgery, the proliferation of ever-faster multiplatform broadband applications, hi-tech fabrics for the smart clothes of the future, and new, clean, and green energy sources for the world’s energy supply are just a few of the engineering field’s many accomplishments. Additionally, engineering encourages the exchange of thoughts and information, boosting the desire for liberty, security, and a higher standard of living.


Up to ten engineers who have made a daring, ground-breaking engineering advancement that will benefit all of humanity will receive a £500,000 reward.


Since it is a worldwide honor, anyone can submit an entry for the QEPrize.
Self-nominations and nominations for the deceased are not permitted.


The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering winner or winners will be chosen by the judges based on the following standards:

  • What has this person—or a maximum of 10 other people—done that is a revolutionary engineering innovation?
  • How has this invention benefited humanity on a global scale?
  • Does anyone else have a claim to having played a crucial part in this development?


The deadline for nominations for the 2024 QEPrize is July 14, 2023. Referees must submit their supporting statements by August 11, 2023.

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Visit QEPrize for additional details.

The £500000 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in 2024

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