The Mastercard Foundation Graduate Scholars Program (MCFSP) at the University of Gondar for young East Africans (2023-2024) (Fully Funded)

The deadline for applications is MAY 31, 2023. | The Mastercard Foundation Graduate Scholars Program (MCFSP) at the University of Gondar for young East Africans (2023-2024) (Fully Funded)

A 10-year partnership between Queen’s University in Canada and the University of Gondar in Ethiopia, funded by the Mastercard Foundation, aims to advance research on inclusive education and community-based rehabilitation in Africa, create new occupational therapy programs, and advance higher inclusive education for young people with disabilities.

Youth from five East African nations—Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and South Sudan—who are academically gifted but economically underprivileged will directly benefit from the University of Gondar Mastercard Foundation Graduate Scholars Program.

Title: The Mastercard Foundation Graduate Scholars Program
(MCFSP) at the University of Gondar for young East Africans
Nationality: Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and South Sudan
Amount: Fully Funded
Deadline: May 31, 2023
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The Graduate Scholars Program was created to assist Scholars in developing transformative and leadership abilities and exhibiting high levels of professional and academic competence in order to successfully influence trends in local, regional, national, and international socioeconomic development.

The Program, which has the technical and financial backing of the Mastercard Foundation, will provide Scholars with exceptional academic and nonacademic support while they are enrolled at the University of Gondar.


  • Law
  • Sociology Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing
  • studies on gender and development
  • studies on environmental management and development
  • Optometry

Requirements for public health

Graduate students from Somalia, Eritrea, South Sudan, and Djibouti who wish to enroll at the University of Gondar full-time are eligible to apply. The scholarship is open to applicants who have earned their first degree from an accredited university, are academically gifted, socioeconomically disadvantaged due to a disability, and either do not work at all or have worked but were unable to pay for their studies. Candidates must fulfill the requirements given below in order to be eligible to apply for the graduate scholarship offered by the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program:

  • a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) at graduation and a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the last five years in a field relevant to their intended graduate program;
  • be citizens of Somalia, Eritrea, South Sudan, and Djibouti, as well as permanent residents of those countries (and residents of those countries for at least five years at the time of their application),
  • candidates under 25 with disabilities
  • applicants who are female and who struggle to pay for their graduate-level studies;


The complete cost of tuition, housing/boarding, a stipend, and other costs like books are all covered by the scholarship. The scholarship also offers experience activities like summer camps as well as intellectual, financial, and social support to assist recipients in becoming successful leaders in their communities.

Application Methodology:

The following documents must be included with the application form:

  • If you have been evaluated by a health expert, a medical document signed by the Health/Hospital Board attesting to the kind and degree of your handicap
  • application for a scholarship that is completed and signed;
  • a thorough CV listing all volunteer, paid, and academic positions held;
  • every transcript from kindergarten to university, including a student copy;
  • two letters of recommendation from prior institutions of higher learning;
  • passport, national identity card, or resident identification card;
  • evidence of their financial disadvantage (for the Kebele/Woreda Administrator);
  • Letter from the District Police Office regarding their criminal history; testimonial on leadership and selfless service to the community.

For Additional Information

Visit the University of Gondar Mastercard Foundation Graduate Scholars Program (MCFSP) 2023/2024 website for more information.

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