UNCTAD Internship in the Technology and Innovation Policy Research Section/DTL (2 positions), (Temporary Job Opening)

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UNCTAD Internship in the Technology and Innovation Policy Research Section/DTL (2 positions), (Temporary Job Opening)

This is an opportunity to volunteer with UNCTAD and build upon your CV and networks for the future.
This is an opportunity to grow and build your network, skills and experience for the future. Let the benefits of volunteering drive you!
The good thing is that this is a remote internship role, and you don’t need any prior experience. Go for it !!!
Closing date: 15 May 2023

About The Organisation

This profile is for the sole purpose of the Internship Programme of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development in Geneva. There should be no expectation of employment within the UN after an internship. Interns shall not be eligible to apply for, or be appointed to, positions at the professional level and above carrying international recruitment status in the Secretariat for a period of six months following the end of their internship. UN internships are unpaid and full-time, i.e. an intern is expected to work five days per week, eight hours per day.

This internship position is offered under the remote modality of teleworking. To work remotely the applicant shall have full access to a computer with a modern browser in which to run the latest version of Office 365 applications that will allow him/her to perform the tasks within the scope of the internship. The computer must have basic IT security best practices implemented.

At a minimum, the applicant should have:

• Installed in his/her computer the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, software and security updates as soon as they are issued.
• Enabled the built-in software firewall that comes with the operating software of the computer.
• Be able to use the password manager enabling the creation of strong passwords and to secure access to all UNCTAD/UN/related resources.

This position is in the Technology and Innovation Policy Research Section, Technology, Innovation and Knowledge Development Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics. The duration is an initial period of two months with the possibility of extension up to six months. The starting date will be in June 2023.Responsibilities

The Technology and Innovation Policy Research Section carries out research activities aimed at increasing the understanding of technology and innovation and their development implications, especially in the context of developing countries.

The focus of this internship will be to assist the section in its work to undertake research and analysis for the next “Technology and Innovation Report”.


Tasks during the internship may include, but are not limited to:

• Participation in online meetings with the supervisor and team.
• Assist in compiling information and data on technology and innovation trends related to development and inequality.
• Assist in quantitative and qualitative background research for the report.
• Prepare short drafts on specific issues as indicated by the supervisors, including development of charts, graphs.
• Provide substantive support to the preparation of relevant documents (e.g. presentations, project documents and management of projects) as required by the above-mentioned activities.
• Assist with proof reading and editing publications.
• Support other activities of the Section as required.

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Title: UNCTAD Internship in the Technology and Innovation Policy Research Section/DTL (2 positions), (Temporary Job Opening)
Nationality: Global
Amount: Paid Internship
Deadline: 15 May, 2023
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