Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship at Chatham House in 2023–2024 ($2,365 stipend)

Expires on May 5, 2023 | Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship at Chatham House in 2023–2024 ($2,365 stipend)

For the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship 2023–2024, applications are now being accepted. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation and this fellowship are working together on this project. It provides early- to mid-career individuals with the chance to spend ten months at Chatham House working on a personal research subject of their choice.

Fellows participate in the Institute’s core activities, strengthening their leadership capabilities and expanding their international affairs professional networks.

Title: Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship
Nationality: Africans
Amount: Fellowship with Stipend $2,365
Deadline: May 5, 2023
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Program Organization

A fellow’s time will be divided into three main categories:

  • Completing a personal research project: The fellow, under the direction of a Chatham House expert, will select and create a personal project to carry out (about 60%).
  • The leadership program is an essential component of all fellowships. Its objectives are to increase fellows’ knowledge, network, self-awareness, and ability to draw on critical talents in their future careers as leaders in their fields (about 20%).
  • Contributing to ongoing research activities: Fellows will provide an approximately 20% contribution to ongoing research priorities in accordance with the Chatham House purpose, working with their host research team and other Chatham House teams as necessary.
  • Every buddy participates and offers something to the Leadership

Program that includes the following elements:

  • In-depth orientation week
  • Academy fellowships begin with a rigorous five-day orientation week where participants get to know the fellowship’s components, learn about their host research program, and attend their first coaching session for personal development.
  • discussion forums
  • During these meetings, fellows converse with subject-matter experts from Chatham House and elsewhere about pressing issues in international affairs. The main substantive and skill-based areas essential for knowledgeable and successful global leadership are covered in the seminars. These sessions are typically presided over by fellows, who are supposed to share their experiences and learn from one another’s.
  • leadership seminars
  • Fellows take part in half-day courses every two months that focus on developing abilities in particular facets of leadership, such as “Leadership in a New Role” and “Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”
  • Presentations of projects
  • In order to hone their presentation abilities, provide a platform for peer assessment, and analyze topics outside of their specific fields of expertise, fellows deliver updates on their research projects.
  • Coaching for personal development
  • In order to increase their self-awareness, fellows have access to individualized coaching sessions with a qualified coach. In collaboration with the coach, fellows establish personal development goals that they seek to achieve both during and after their fellowship.
  • The mock interview, from which they receive comments on style and any areas for growth, is the culmination of the media training fellowships’ instruction on effective interview techniques required for television and radio.
  • Leading in the Twenty-First Century Morning briefings
  • The ‘Leadership in the 21st Century’ Breakfast Briefings series are available to all fellows with priority access. There, they have the chance to converse informally and exchange leadership insights with influential figures from the public, private, media, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Optional career mentoring
  • By pairing fellows with mentors to broaden their career perspective and path, the development of the fellows is facilitated and supported.


  • The £2,365 monthly stipend for the fellow will cover all living expenses in London, including housing, utilities, food, transportation, and other necessities.
  • The Academy will pay for moving expenses, visa fees, the UK’s Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (Note: Candidates may be asked to pay for dental and optical procedures as well as medicines prescribed by a doctor), Fieldwork and travel expenses, research activities, and potential publication costs.


  • Open to nationals of all African nations. Applications from people with dual citizenship, including those from any African countries, will also be considered.
  • Candidates must have expertise performing research and hold a finished BA degree or an equivalent.
  • The ideal applicant will be in their early to mid-career and will come from one of the following sectors or occupations: academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business, government agencies, civil society, or the media. All applicants should be familiar with and have an interest in international affairs, their chosen field of study, and the goals and work of Chatham House.
  • There are no age limitations placed on applicants.
  • It is not possible to pursue a fellowship while also working or attending school because fellows are expected to work full-time towards their fellowship.


To apply for this fellowship, they must have:

  • CV/Resumé of the Applicant
  • the two referees’ names
  • The applicant’s proposed research project (for more information, check the PDF)

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Visit the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship for additional details.

Title: Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship
Nationality: Africans
Amount: Fellowship with Stipend $2,365
Deadline: May 5, 2023
WhatsApp Link: Click Here
Telegram Link: Click Here

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellowship


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