The St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2023

Deadline:12 April 2023

Deadline:12 April 2023

Apply now for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2023,A significant international project spearheaded by the University of St. Andrews, the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment honors and encourages creative and inspired approaches to environmental concerns, especially the climate crisis. The Master of the United College, Professor Ineke De Moortel, FRAS, FRSE, is in charge of it.


  • The St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2023 welcomes applications from individuals and organisations (including community groups) who lead projects that protect the environment and/or contribute to its sustainable development.
  • They seek applications from projects where winning would lead to a step-change in the development and implementation of the idea.
  • As a general rule, the University is unlikely to be able to make payments to countries under international sanctions, therefore they encourage projects based in such locations to consider carefully if this may impact them before applying.
Project eligibility requirements are as follows:
  • A well-known undertaking with a successful track record
  • Be connected to sustainable development and/or biodiversity and be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
  • Be scalable in size and reproducible from one geographic location to another.
  • have a definite financing requirement
  • Possess the capacity to motivate others in your field to make a short- to long-term contribution to the global goal of sustainability
  • Uphold the highest moral standards in regard to intellectual property, in dealing with people, and in dealing with the environment.

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