For young African leaders, the Choiseul 100 Africa Program is accepting applications through 2023.

Application Deadline: | For young African leaders, the Choiseul 100 Africa Program is accepting applications through 2023. (For young African leaders – the Choiseul 100 Africa Program)

The Choiseul 100 Africa is an innovative study that has been conducted by the Institut Choiseul since 2014 and lists and ranks 200 young African leaders who are under 40 but have made significant contributions to the continent’s development.

The ranking, which is updated yearly, features 700 Choiseul 100 Africa laureates and alumni from 49 of the continent’s 54 nations. This vibrant community has developed into the core of a platform for interactions and exchanges. The Choiseul Africa Business Forum is at the forefront of high-level networking events held regularly to develop business opportunities in and with Africa.

Title: For young African leaders – the Choiseul 100 Africa Program
Nationality: Africa
Funding: Fellowship
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The Institut Choiseul is pleased to offer the chance for young African economic decision-makers to submit their profile to join the 2023 edition of the Choiseul 100 Africa in an effort to diversify the profiles and industries represented in the ranking.


  • Candidates must be between the ages of 35 and 40, be citizens of an African nation, and significantly contribute to the economic growth of the continent.
  • An independent think tank devoted to the analysis of current strategic issues and global economic issues is the Institut Choiseul.
  • Based in Paris, its goal is to establish independent dialogue forums at the nexus of the political and institutional sphere, the economic landscape, and the intellectual landscape in order to advance discussions on today’s most pressing issues.
  • The Institut Choiseul continuously fosters the decisions of economic and political actors by hosting prestigious events and informal gatherings of the major leaders in Paris, Brussels, Moscow, or Africa, and by distributing its publications to the decision-makers and influent opinion leaders.
  • The Institut Choiseul assists in the emergence of a new generation of internationally renowned leaders by identifying talents, particularly through the Choiseul 100, the Choiseul 100 Africa, the Choiseul 100 Russia, the Choiseul Ville de demain, the Choiseul Hauts-de-France, or the Choiseul Sport & Business.

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