UN SDG Challenge 2023 for Women Social Entrepreneurs: WE Empower ($20,000 Grant)

Deadline:  on April 16, 2023 | UN SDG Challenge 2023 for Women Social Entrepreneurs: WE Empower ($20,000 Grant)

To participate in the WE Empower UN SDG Challenge 2023, submit an application. The first-of-its-kind worldwide competition for female social entrepreneurs who are advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and motivating entire communities to build the society we want by 2030 is called the WE (women entrepreneurs) Empower UN SDG Challenge.

The WE Empower Challenge recognizes creative female leaders from all across the world who are advancing the SDGs through ethical business practices and motivating others to do the same. The chance honors their creative work and offers Awardees training sessions to develop their capacity as well as chances to interact with an unrivaled worldwide network to advance their businesses. The vital contribution that female social entrepreneurs and corporate leaders can make to achieving the SDGs and tackling the world’s most pressing problems is highlighted and elevated by this initiative.

Title: UN SDG Challenge 2023 for Women Social Entrepreneurs: WE Empower
Nationality: All Female Entrepreneurs
Funding: Trainings
Deadline: on April 16, 2023
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  • The 2023 WE Empower Challenge Awardees will take part in activities related to the 78th UN General Assembly and network with well-known corporate figures from around the globe.
  • A lively pitch competition will be held to present winners’ businesses for the chance to win a $20,000 award, chaired by fashion designer, campaigner, and Vital Voices Board Member Diane von Furstenberg.


The following requirements must be met by candidates in order to be eligible to participate in this competition.

  • Finalists will have to present proof of sales, such as tax returns and/or financial documents that have undergone audits.
  • You are a female entrepreneur who can make the key decisions for a company or organization.
  • More than three years have passed since the start of your company or organization.
  • You have at least three full-time employees (or full time equivalent).
  • Your company or group makes at least $75,000 USD in sales or revenue each year.
  • Both your spoken and written English are excellent.
  • You are over the age of 21.
  • On Monday, September 18 through Saturday, September 24, 2023, you are free to go to New York, New York, and take part in all events (COVID-19 travel restrictions allowed). If necessary, you can also take part in a virtual program from August through October 2023.

The following aspects, among others, will be taken into account while evaluating applicants.

  • No exclusions. Commit to the whole week of the live program (travel allowing) or online program taking place from August through October 2023.
  • The applicant’s company or group has a significant influence on the SDGs and a distinct plan for how it will shape the future we desire in 2030.
  • Use your influence to help shape the local conversation around the SDGs and the advancement of women in your town.
  • If you have more than one business or organization, please fill out the application for the one you would like to concentrate on during the Global Challenge opportunity, should you be chosen to take part in the program.


  • On April 16, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST, applications will close.
  • The chosen recipients will be informed by June 30, 2023. And will have the chance to travel to New York City, New York (NY) from September 16 through September 23, 2023.(COVID-19 travel restrictions permitting). Where they will take part in a series of specially designed trainings provided by leading and supporting partners and interact with UN officials at high-profile events.

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Visit WE Empower UN SDG Challenge for more details.

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