2023–2024 UNDP Paid Internship Program

2023–2024 UNDP Paid Internship Program | Deadline: Varying

Are you interested in global development and seeking worthwhile experiences to supplement your education? The UNDP Internship Program is a fantastic chance for interns to get knowledge of the most important development initiatives launched by the UN. Candidates interested in international development can gain a deeper understanding of the UNDP’s activities through its internship program. For those who are interested in getting some practical experience with topics relating to global poverty eradication and sustainable development, the UNDP internship is a fantastic opportunity.

About The Internship

The UNDP offers lucrative paid opportunities in a variety of fields with the primary objective of advancing international development. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the largest UN organization for promoting development, has members from about 170 nations. UNDP interns have a fantastic opportunity to obtain priceless practical experience while assisting highly skilled, educated, and experienced mentors and supervisors in achieving the organization’s objectives. By tackling challenges like ending poverty, decreasing inequality and exclusion, and enabling nations to pursue sustainable development and progress, the organization strives to improve humanity’s future.

Students and recent graduates from the broadest range of academic disciplines are represented in the UNDP internship program. Economics, public or business administration, environmental studies, international relations, and other relevant fields of study are the most common subjects of study in this program. Depending on the position available and the requirements of the department where they are assigned, interns may engage in a variety of tasks. The most typical tasks include the following: writing documentation, collecting data from forums and other collaborative activities, assisting with conference planning, and publishing knowledge stories and best practices. The UN’s main office, national offices, and regional offices are all possible locations for these internships. The requirements of the UN and the candidate’s qualifications both influence how long an internship lasts.

Summary Of The Internship

Title: 2023–2024 UNDP Paid Internship Program
Nationality: All Countries
Funding: Internship : Full Time / Half Time
Deadline: Varying
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What are the advantages of the 2021–2022 UNDP Internship Program?

  • A monthly stipend would be given to the UNDP interns.
  • UNDP interns get a monthly stipend to help with internship expenses. The amount of the stipend can differ from one duty station to another.
  • There is a probability that interns will eventually be allocated to UNDP or the UN system.
  • Additionally, interns may be eligible for financial aid from the government or their nominating organizations.

Criteria for Qualification for UNDP Internships:

  • For the UNDP internships, candidates can apply from anywhere in the world.
  • Candidates may be in the final year of their first university degree program, enrolled in a graduate school, possessing a second university degree, or all three.
  • The applicant should be able to speak at least one of the three official languages of UNDP, which are French, English, and Spanish.
  • It would be beneficial to know Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, or another Eastern European language.
  • The candidates should be able to show how their experience is relevant to UNDP initiatives.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.
  • The applicant must show that they can collaborate with persons from various linguistic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

Time limit: The UNDP internship application deadline varies depending on the internship program.

What is the UNDP Internship Application Process?

  • Only through UNDP’s website, candidates must submit their applications.
  • The UNDP Job Section has a list of available internships.
  • Please choose a topic of interest before clicking “Apply.”
  • Please be sure to adhere to the internship program’s specified deadline since each internship has a unique deadline.
  • You must register separately for each program if you want to apply to more than one.

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For More Information about the 2023–2024 UNDP Paid Internship Program, Visit Here.

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