Youth Leadership Development Program for Africa (LEAP) 2023 (up to N1.5 Million) 

Call for applications for Youth Leadership Development Program for Africa (LEAP) 2023

and February 17, 2023 is the deadline.

The LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Development Programme 2023 is currently accepting applications. By giving Nigerian students under the age of 30 the knowledge, skills, and encouraging atmosphere necessary for them to become self-leaders who bring sustainable change to their communities, the Youth Leadership Development Programme aims to empower, equip, and assist young change leaders.

The Youth Leadership Programme has never been more important given the current issues facing Africa, particularly those relating to leadership, civic engagement, and sustainable development as Nigeria gets closer to an election year.


Youth Leadership Development Program for Africa (LEAP) 2023




Upto N1.5 million.


February 17, 2023



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22 modules make up the Youth Leadership Development Program, which is built around the three program pillars of leadership, active citizenship, and sustainable/community development. In order to fill the gaps in leadership, active citizenship, and sustainable/community development, the courses have been carefully created and adjusted to match the present challenges facing young people in Nigeria. The courses will assist in giving the learners the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes required to become real change agents who drive social change and have an impact on policy change.

Program Roadmaps

This year, the Youth Leadership Development Program will focus on the advocacy and sustainability tracks.

·      Through outcome-driven policy engagements and inclusive resourcing, the Youth Leadership Programme (Sustainability Pathway) addresses the need to educate, strengthen, support, and enable young people in Nigeria for leadership, activism, and social change. This will assist youth in influencing and assisting medium- and long-term national development.

·      Intercampus Leadership Debates (Advocacy Pathway) offers a platform to rekindle student activism in Nigeria, demystify what leadership entails, encourage active citizenship, support them in jointly articulating their future visions, and catalyze pathways for them to actively participate in that future. Nationwide leadership discussions will be used to accomplish this.


The prize pool ranges from N200,000 to N1.5 million.


An candidate must have the following attributes in order to be considered for the YLDP:

·      a Nigerian male or female undergraduate studying at a university or vocational school.

·      18 to 30 years of age.

·      passionate about community development, advocacy, and activism.

·      keen to pursue their interests in inclusion, diversity, and social engagement.

·      eager to support initiatives for community development and the SDGs.

·      eager to interact with and affect government institutions and policies.

·      committed to participating in the online training, participates in debates, and is open to coaching.



Visit YLDP for to apply and for additional details.

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