Türkiye Scholarships 2023 fully funded study in Turkey

Deadline: February 20 2023

Deadline: February 20 2023

Applications open for the Türkiye Scholarships 2023. International students have the chance to study and get scholarships at the most esteemed colleges in Türkiye, thanks to Türkiye Scholarships.

International students can apply for scholarships through the Republic of Türkiye’s government-funded Türkiye Scholarships program. Türkiye Scholarships’ main objective is to give deserving students everywhere an equal opportunity to receive them.

For each level of education, Türkiye Scholarships has created unique and focused scholarship programs. It provides a wide variety of excellent scholarship possibilities, including long-term bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD scholarships, research and merit-based awards, art scholarships, and cooperative scholarship initiatives with reputable foreign universities.

  • Provides university and department placements more so, Covers tuition fees.
  • Allows you to learn the language of the country study with 1-year Turkish language course. Thus, resources are diversified in your academic research and daily life becomes more pleasurable.
  • Provides accommodation for students arriving in a new country.
  • Supports your journey to Turkey and when you return to your country at the end of your education period and covers your once-off flight ticket.
  • Allows you to take full advantage of widespread health services when necessary with health insurance.
  • Furthermore, provides monthly stipend. 1000 TL at undergraduate level, 1,400 TL at Master’s level and 1,800 TL at PhD level per month


Eligible Groups:
  • Citizens of all countries
  • Graduates or those who will graduate at the end of the current academic year
  • Researchers and academics
Minimum Academic Achievement
  • For undergraduate candidates: 70%
  • For graduate candidates: 75%
  • For candidates of Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy): 90%
Age Criteria
  • For undergraduate programs: being under the age of 21
  • For master’s programs: being under the age of 30
  • For PhD programs: being under the age of 35
  • For Research Scholarship: being under the age of 45

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