The 2023 CIVICUS Youth Action Team

Deadline: the 30th of January 2023

Call for Applications for the 2023 CIVICUS Youth Action Team



The CIVICUS Youth Action Team accepts applications now. The CIVICUS Youth Action Team wants to increase its efforts in 2023–2024 to better connect with the over 4,000 CIVICUS Youth members as a whole.


The CIVICUS Youth Action Team is a group of CIVICUS voting members who are led by young people and who advocate for the inclusion of young people in all alliance structures, governance, strategies, and initiatives. Yet it goes further.



The Youth Action Team views civic space as the last frontier and wants to make sure that young people have the resources necessary to participate fully in it. The YAT establishes its own agenda and work plan as a space for co-creation and creating creative initiatives to ensure that projects are developed in the areas that are currently more crucial for young activists, social innovators, and human rights defenders.




The 2023 CIVICUS Youth Action Team


Central Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, North, West, or Southern Africa




30th of January 2023



WhatsApp Link:

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·      Be under 30 by December 31st, 2022;

·      Participate actively in a registered or unregistered civil society organization that promotes positive change in your neighborhood;

·      Be a member of the national or local leadership team of a social movement or network;

·      Obtain approval from your organization before applying for this volunteer position;

·      Are driven and skilled in organizing people to support progressive social justice objectives at the local, regional, and global levels;

·      Possess expertise in planning and directing online gatherings for networking that fosters communication and knowledge sharing;

·      Are at ease communicating in English and collaborating with a global team that is headquartered in various time zones;

·      Have at least 10 hours per month of internet connection to devote to the CIVICUS Youth Action Team;

·      Can attend a weekly annual event in person (if travel conditions allow it)

·      Are from Central Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, North, West, or Southern Africa? (other regions are represented by existing YAT members)




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