PEN Presents 2023 for International Translators

Enroll in for PEN Presents 2023 for International Translators | Deadline:  31st of January 2023

Enroll in PEN Presents 2023. By sponsoring the frequently unpaid labour of producing samples, PEN Presents helps to diversify the translated literature scene by providing UK publishers with access to works from underrepresented languages and locations.

English PEN and the Translating Women initiative are working together in this round thanks to an Open Innovation Platform grant from the University of Exeter.



PEN Presents 2023 for International Translators


ALL Africans


$ 500


31st of January 2023



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·      The Panel will choose 12 candidates for shortlisting, and they will each get a grant of £500 to write a 5,000-word sample translation for the proposed work.

·      Then, six of these submissions will be chosen as PEN Presents winners, and they will be featured in a digital issue of the publication.

·      Selected examples will receive editorial support from English PEN, which will also market them to UK publishers.



For this round of PEN Presents, anyone may apply.

Works of fiction (including short fiction, drama, poetry, children’s literature, graphic novels, and illustrated literature) and non-fiction – but not purely academic work or magazines; works not yet published in English translation in any territory (where “published in English translation” is taken to mean legally and with the consent of the rightsholder translated and published in any fora); translators based anywhere in the world; translators at any stage of their career;

Assessment Standards

Applications for PEN Presents will be judged on their literary value, the viability of the proposed project, and their impact on bibliodiversity.




Apply here by Download an application form and filling it out.

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