Initiative for WikiCredibility Grants

Wikimedians Increasing the Online Credibility of Knowledge and News – Initiative for WikiCredibility Grants

Applications are being accepted for the WikiCredibility Grants Initiative (WikiCred), a project of Hacks/Hackers, from people, groups, or organizations looking for financial support for the creation of tools, projects, or initiatives that improve the credibility and dependability of information within Wikimedia projects.

Hacks/Hackers is a rapidly growing grassroots journalism organization with thousands of members on four different continents and dozens of groups (and counting). The goal of Hacks/Hackers is to establish a network of journalists and technologists who are rethinking the future of news and information.

Projects and topics with a focus on online trust and trustworthiness, information veracity, reliability, and integrity, as well as the conception of novel solutions and new information networks and systems, should be clearly in line with the overarching mission of the Hacks/Hackers and MisinfoCon communities.

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Anybody is welcome to apply, regardless of location. All Wikimedia projects, tools, and initiatives will be taken into consideration, as well as Wikipedias in all languages.

Amounts of Awards: Up to $10,000 per project

Multiple awards have been given.

Size and selected subject areas

WikiCred is especially interested in funding the creation of Wikimedia tools, projects, programs, or initiatives that would aid marginalized groups or enhance the content of current issues including reproductive health care and election misinformation. We’ll also take into account other subjects.

Tools should improve access to high-quality, reliable sources and the citations they are used to produce in order to strengthen sourcing practices inside Wikimedia projects.

Applications for funding to support Wiki meetings that host discussions on enhancing the credibility of Wikimedia projects and the larger information ecosystem will also be taken into consideration by WikiCred. Journalists, librarians, editors, instructors, media literacy organizations, and other professionals might attend a sample meetup.

Join us on Telegram as well as Whatsapp for more opportunity updates

The ultimate goal of applicants should be to assist in creating movements devoted to the following topics or tasks. Applicants should build upon the concepts, themes, and efforts of previous WikiCred projects.

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