UNESCO kulturweit-tandem Program for African and German Youths

The group kulturweit-tandem encourages participants from Germany and Africa to examine the history(s) of colonialism from many angles and address our postcolonial present. You create initiatives in the fields of culture, education, and sustainability that you can put into practice jointly in Germany. (UNESCO kulturweit-tandem Program for African Youths).

For the program running from May to October 2023, apply between November 1 and November 21.

Two participants from an African nation and two from Germany discuss the past of colonialism and how it has affected the present in the kulturweit tandem. Together, you will create anti-racism activities that you can apply in Germany’s theaters, museums, schools, clubs, initiatives, and businesses.

A two-month course in basic language skills is followed by a four-week seminar in Kenya and a three-month project phase in Germany. Financial and educational support is provided to all participants.

If your primary residence is in Germany, Kenya, Madagascar, or Tanzania and you are of legal age, you may apply for the program from May to October 2023 by visiting this link between November 1 and November 21, 2018. German, French, or English language proficiency is necessary. very strong proficiency in one of these three languages is also required. Please be aware that on November 21st, the online portal will close at 12:00 CET. Thereafter, no additional applications are permitted.

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Any inquiries regarding the application or the program? On November 2 and 16, 2022, at 2:00 PM CET, we will be providing online consultation times. Use this link to sign up.

You pledge your commitment to a world free from prejudice by joining kulturweit-Tandem. Gaining foreign experience, letting your creativity run wild during the project phase, and creating a long-lasting network are all benefits of participating.

The Federal Foreign Office provides funding for kulturweit-Tandem, which is a federal government initiative to combat racism and right-wing extremism.

Germans, Kenyans, Madagascans, and Tanzanians can apply for the program in November, and it will run from May to October 2023.

It is not necessary to have prior subject knowledge or a formal school-leaving diploma.

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Prices and services

Kulturweit-Tandem encourages the financial and academic engagement of individuals from African nations and Germany.

What might you expect during the program’s six months and what should you be preparing for?

For more information about UNESCO kulturweit-tandem Program for African Youths Click the link

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Join us on Telegram as well as Whatsapp for more opportunity updates

UNESCO commission in Germany
The German Commission for UNESCO’s worldwide education program, kulturweit


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