UN Global Compact SDG Innovation Accelerator programme 2023 for Young Professionals

Deadline: 13 January 2023

Deadline: 13 January 2023

Applications for the SDG Innovation Accelerator programme 2023 are currently open. Submit straight away.

The UN Global Compact offers participating businesses the SDG Innovation Accelerator Programme 2023 for Young Professionals as a chance to empower young talent inside their organizations to cooperate and speed up commercial innovation toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the use of new technology, initiatives, and business models, this nine-month program empowers aspiring business leaders and changemakers to create and implement creative solutions and meet their organization’s sustainability goals. The program brings together entry- to mid-level managers from different business divisions who are 35 years of age or younger to develop innovative yet workable solutions that can benefit the organization and the SDGs.

By concentrating on the SDGs, the Accelerator guides participants through an innovative design thinking process. With resources, tools, and processes at their disposal to help them through the steps of recognizing a challenge, designing and testing solutions, and validating these solutions for business value and SDG effect, participants move through each of the program’s five phases.

  • PHASE 1: SDG Exploration
  • PHASE 2: Challenge Identification
  • PHASE 3: Challenge Definition
  • PHASE 4: Solutions Development
  • PHASE 5: Solutions Testing and Validation

Participant Benefits:

  • Take advantage of chances for accelerated learning, such as webinars, in-person workshops, case studies, industry visits, and forum discussions.
  • Establish relationships with other companies and work together on cutting-edge initiatives relevant to your business and sector.
  • Through possibilities for peer-to-peer networking, coaching, and mentorship, develop professional partnerships.
  • Learn from some of the world’s top thinkers working on sustainability and innovation.
  • Become a member of a global network of accomplished young professionals from some of the best businesses worldwide.

Company Benefits:

  • Utilize SDG innovation to address actual sustainability issues your business is facing.
  • Integrate the SDGs into your business plan through working together, being innovative, and sharing knowledge.
  • Boost possibilities for professional development and staff engagement
  • Utilize a network of renowned professionals from some of the world’s biggest companies.
  • Obtain recognized on a global scale for your involvement in the program


  • The program intended for workers who do not yet have senior management responsibilities and who have more time to commit to a nine-month development program. Additionally, there is a significant chance to encourage young people employed by established businesses to innovate internally and hasten the shift to business models that align with the SDGs.
  • All companies participating in the UN Global Compact are eligible to take part in the programme as long as they are based in a country whose Global Compact Local Network is participating.
  • Companies can be represented by a maximum of four (4) teams. Teams can be formed by up to four (4) young professionals.
  • The programme designed to target employees aged 35 and under who have a passion for sustainability, creativity, and demonstrate strong teamwork skills. Employees from business innovation, Research and Development, marketing, logistics, procurement, customer experience/service and sustainability units are encouraged to participate.
  • They encourage individuals who best fit the Innovator profile to nominate themselves
  • They will favor companies that are involving departments such as Innovation, Research & Development, and Engineering. To encourage knowledge sharing, we want innovators that are not involved in sustainability-related aspects of the company. In fact, the programme is an opportunity to teach departments traditionally separate from sustainability about the SDGs.

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