Meade Collaboration Travel Grants in Epidemiology 2022 (maximum of £13,000)

Deadline: November 30 2022

Deadline: November 30 2022

Applications open for the Meade Collaboration Travel Grants in Epidemiology 2022. Medical Research Foundation is thrilled to provide sub-Saharan African epidemiology researchers with collaborative travel grants.

Mid-career researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) who are transitioning to research independence and want to build partnerships with researchers located at a UK research organization are encouraged to apply. Researchers should try to improve their epidemiological competence, create or expand networks and collaborations, share knowledge, or carry out a quick project that cannot be finished at their current employer in SSA. The suggested effort should reflect a clear and distinct development while complementing the applicant’s ongoing or future research.

The Medical Research Foundation is an independent charitable foundation. Formed by the Medical Research Council (MRC), they grow and nurture people and ideas wherever they see research opportunities with great potential. The research supported in this competition is possible thanks to a generous donation by Professor Thomas Meade.


Applicants may submit an application for funding for a one- to three-month visit to a UK research organization.

  • Applicants may apply for up to £5,000 for one month in the UK, £9,000 for two months in the UK and a maximum of £13,000 for three months in the UK to support travel, visas, subsistence and research consumables during the applicant’s stay at the UK research organisation.
  • Applications should demonstrate a partnership between an epidemiology-focused mid-career researcher from a sub-Saharan African nation who is based there and a researcher from the UK who is based there, has a research group of their own there, and can house the visiting researcher.
  • They warmly welcome qualified applicants from Sub-Saharan African Francophone and Lusophone nations as well as from Anglophone nations in the region.

SSA Principal Investigator Should:

  • Hold a PhD, DPhil or MD, have active research experience and be in the process of, or be ready for, transition to research independence.
  • Work in the field of epidemiology.
  • Have guaranteed employment with a legally established research organisation or a university in Sub-Saharan Africa for the duration of the Grant. Nationality and country of residence/employment may be different.
  • Not have already secured substantial research funds and/or have already established their own research group. Applicants who have held an early-career fellowship may still be eligible.

UK Co-Investigator Should:

  • Hold a PhD, DPhil or MD. UK Co-investigators may be research group leaders at any level from mid-career up to senior researchers.
  • Have guaranteed employment at an eligible institution for the duration of this Grant. (UK HEIs, Research Council, research institutes, hospitals, and other independent research organisations).
  • Submission deadline is on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 13:00.
  • Decision on Funding: February 2023
  • Responses to financing decisions are due in March 2023.

For further information on Meade Collaboration Travel Grants in Epidemiology 2022 visit Medical Research Foundation

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