Data Scientists Network (DSN) Internship Program 2022

Deadline: 31 October 2022

Deadline: 31 October 2022

Are you interested in quickly expanding your knowledge and use of artificial intelligence through structured, immersive learning? If yes, Apply now for the Data Scientists Network (DSN) Internship Program 2022.

The DSN Internship Program is a component of our pledge to develop one million AI talent in the next ten years. With the help of this program, young African talent will be trained, equipped, and given the chance to develop into world-class AI professionals who work in academia, industry, or as start-up entrepreneurs. Young talent can flourish in the DSN Internship Program’s environment of practical knowledge and outstanding motivation for progress.

This Data Scientists Network (DSN) Internship Program 2022 will last for 24 weeks (6 months) where participants will:

  • Learn about applications of geospatial AI, natural language processing, artificial intelligence for social good, and data science in a structured program.
  • Participate in the creation of no less than 4 excellent research articles that can be published at renowned AI conferences.
  • access to take part in projects at the industrial level
  • access to mentors from around the world to advance your career sector of choice.
  • being a part of the DSN community and serving as a knowledge resource for our vast network of young data scientists
  • Participate in the creation of no less than 4 excellent research articles that can be published at renowned AI conferences.
Recruitment Method

These four steps make up the application procedure for internships.


  • Filling out the application and submitting your CV is the first step in expressing your interest. You must be aware that you must be proficient in the foundations of Python programming. You ought to be able to carry out the regular duties required of a data scientist at the beginning level.

Python Assessment

  • All applicants will receive a link to finish an online Python code-based project, which will serve as a means of evaluating your python programming abilities. Applicants required to make sure that they submit their application on or before the stipulated deadline. Note that every code you provide will be checked.

Physical Evaluation

  • The most impressive applications chosen for a real session at the AI Hub, Yaba, where the candidate handed a research paper to read and summarize. Problem-solving, writing, information synthesis, and presentation skills all highlighted in the evaluation.

Final Interview

  • The interviewers interested in learning more about you, thus this is more of a chat than a standard “interview.” Feel free to display your genuine colors and areas of passion. Prepare a few questions in advance to demonstrate your enthusiasm and inquiry. Put on a nice and appropriate outfit.
  • You can join a top-notch research, innovation, and artificial intelligence team that has received numerous prestigious prizes by participating in this internship.
  • Additionally, you get to join a learning organization that is home to the largest Data Science/AI learning community in Africa and offers specialized programs that will speed up your professional development.

Hence you should look forward to;

  • Joining a World-class team
  • Be part of Africa’s Largest AI community of learners
  • Work on Industry Level Projects that will impact people’s lives directly and positively
  • Get access to world-class learning opportunities and mentorship


You must adhere to the following criteria in order to be eligible for the internship:

  • Either be enrolled in or have graduated from a university, or an equivalent higher institution possess an AI membership ID and be a registered member of the Data Science Nigeria AI+ Community.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35;
  • First-degree programs require that applicants have successfully completed two years of full-time study. Graduate students should have finished their degrees and want to work at DSN to get experience.
  • They don’t anticipate you to be an authority in any subject. This opportunity is not, however, for complete beginners. For exceptional people who have selected the subjects of research, data science, and artificial intelligence and have mastered the fundamentals, there is a program called DSN Internship.

The following are some of the competencies required of potential interns:

  • programming in Python
  • Data Analysis and Data Science
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Additional competencies, including communication and project management

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