Pathways Communication Grants Program 2022 (Second Call)

Deadline: October 31 2022.

Deadline: October 31 2022.

The call for proposals is open for Pathways Communication Grants Program 2022 (Second Call) Submit straight away!

The Pathways Communication Grants Program 2022 (Second Call) seeks to ensure that scientific contributions supporting the development of pathways for sustainability reach relevant audiences beyond the scientific community. To promote wider uptake and understanding of pathways for sustainability, the grant supports the dissemination of scientific research findings via innovative dissemination formats and practices.

The Pathways Initiative provides a space where you can reflect on concepts and theories of change, and discuss the practical implications of sustainability science and transdisciplinarity for research practices. The initiative aims to develop and support agenda-setting, synthesis and capacity building activities around pathways for sustainability. Finally, through this Initiative, they want to promote the learning, research, and work in support of societal transformations towards sustainability produced by the Future Earth community and beyond.

  • Funding amount for each project: 2,500 € to 10,000 €


  • Researchers, incl. PhD students, from universities or research institutions invited to submit proposals for communication products that aim to disseminate scientific outcomes developed within inter- and/or transdisciplinary research projects, and addressed to the broader public.

Supported Communication Products

  • The grant supports a part or the entirety of the costs of a communication product. Supported communication products include but not limited to: printed or digital publications (policy briefs, factsheets, brochures, white papers, short reports, etc.), videos, audios, digital interactive learning tools, and data visualisations.
  • The supported communication products must base on completed research outcomes or synthesis, and ready to turn into a communication piece. Communications products in any language relevant to the target audience (aligned with the needs of the target audience) ​​supported. Proposals and all supplementary application materials, however, must be submitted in English.
  • Supported communication products should be launched and publicly available within 8 months from the date of the funding transfer.
  • Products not supported: website design and maintenance, scientific posters, publications in scientific journals and books.
  • The grant does not make any retrospective awards for communication products already published.

Scope of Proposals

Proposals should outline and describe the importance of the communication product and its potential impact on the development of sustainable pathways and refer to completed research outcomes of projects that advance the understanding of at least one of the following three aspects of pathways for sustainability:

  • How interactions at various scales in complex human-environment systems produce trade-offs or synergies within a context of competing development agendas and claims on resources,
  • How transformations can be mobilized to enable expansion of integrated pathways to sustainability in diverse concrete contexts,
  • How pathways and processes of transformation, which are likely to differ between places given differences in histories, contexts and values, interact across locations and scales, creating both tensions and synergies, and ‘add up’ to outcomes at the regional and global levels.

Eligible proposals evaluated based on:

  • The fit of the proposal to the scope of the call,
  • The clarity of the proposal,
  • The importance of and potential impact of the communication product(s) on the development of sustainable pathways,
  • The quality and originality of the research outputs forming the basis for the communication product(s),
  • The overall communication and dissemination approach.

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