IP2Location Programming Contest 2022 (prizes worth $14,444 in total)​

Deadline: 30-September-2022

The annual programming contest organized by IP2Location, is now here! It’s time to show off your creativity and programming skills. Enter the IP2Location Programming Contest 2022 now and stand a chance to win prizes worth $14,444 in total – IP2Location Programming Contest 2022 (prizes worth $14,444 in total)

Deadline: 30-September-2022

IP2Location™ is a non-intrusive geo IP solution to help you to identify visitor’s geographical location using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology without invading the Internet user’s privacy.

Do you have a cool idea or have you been developing software solutions using IP2Location or IP2Proxy LITE database? Show us your solution and you could stand a chance to Win US$500 in cash + IP2Location DB11 database + IP2Proxy database!

Amazing Prizes

·       Win prizes worth $14,444 in total!

How to Join the Contest

·       Upload the source code of your solution into github.com or other open source directory.

·       Create a Readme.md file and describe your solution in details. You must also provide sufficient steps on how to use your solution. This is to ensure that we able to run your solution successfully during our winner evaluation process.

·       Submit your entry at submission page.

·       Like and follow our Facebook page,Twitter and LinkedIn

·       Share your project on IP2Location Facebook page or LinkedIn or Tweet us with the below information. The number of likes/votes will also be taking into consideration for winner selection.

  • o   Project title
  • o   Short description
  • o   Github (or other open source directory) source code link
  • o   Hashtag the post with #ProgrammingContest and #IP2LocationContest

Terms and Conditions

·       This contests open for all developers and will run from 01-Jul-2022 to 30-Sep-2022 (3 months)

·       The judging period will run for 30 days after the contest ends.

·       One winner will be selected and the winner will be notified by email by 5-Nov-2022.

·       The contest is internally administered by IP2Location.com and the selection of winner is at sole discretion of IP2Location.com.

·       We will judge the solution based on the creativity and functionality of the solution. We will also take the number of Star in github as one of the factors for winner selection.

·       Cash will be transferred to winner via Paypal.

·       Prizes are non-transferable and non-substitutable.

·       Multiple submissions are allowed however a participant cannot win more than one prize.

Entry must be

·       Like and follow our Facebook page,Twitter and LinkedIn

·       Published your submission at Facebook or LinkedIn or tweet us with two hashtags: #ProgrammingContest and #IP2LocationContest

Unless otherwise stated, your programs must be written using the below languages under Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android or iOS platform.

·       PHP

·       Ruby

·       Python

·       Perl

·       Swift

·       Go

·       Java

·       JavaScript

·       Kotlin

·       ASP.NET

·       VB.NET

·       C#

·       C/C++

·       Scala

·       TypeScript

·       R

·       Erlang

·       Lua

·       Haskell

Your solution must contain IP2Location or IP2Proxy LITE database (downloadable from https://lite.ip2location.com) as one of the building block.

Your solution must be licensed under Open Source license, such as GPL, MIT, LGPL and so on.

Your solution can be in any form, such as plugin, extension, add-on, application or executable, with or without GUI. However, function or snippet code that appeared to be partial code are not acceptable. A complete class/object that could be referenced in a project is acceptable.

For More Information and to apply CLICK HERE

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