Open17 Challenge on Climate Justice – Funding available

Deadline: 30th Sept, 2022

Process of Submission and Evaluation
Do you care deeply about climate justice and do you have a project or an idea that will help people and communities get ready for climate change? Next, make a proposal for your initiative, prototype, or idea that uses crowdsourcing to address a particular Climate Justice issue – Open17 Challenge on Climate Justice

Deadline: 30th Sept, 2022

Anyone, anywhere in the globe, is welcome to participate in the Open17 Challenge. You must be at least 16 to apply. Participants should have a strong command of both written and spoken English, and applications must be submitted in English.

  • Sign up for the Goodwall social networking site (
  • Visit the Goodwall page for the #Open17ClimateJustice Challenge.
  • Choose “Share a Post” by clicking “Take Part”
  • Make a one-minute video pitch for your idea and upload it.
  • Make sure to include the hashtag #Open17ClimateJustice in the post’s title.

Selection Standards

Your concept will be chosen based on its novelty, relevance, viability, and proper use of crowdsourcing.

  • Novelty: The focus of your pitch should be your concept. Instead of talking about generic issues, describe a specific problem you want to fix in your neighborhood.
  • Relevance: Your proposal should address climate justice by assisting those who are most at risk from the effects of climate change in developing community resilience.
  • Be ambitious yet realistic when it comes to your idea’s viability; it should be something you could accomplish with a little assistance from a few like-minded individuals.
  • Explain how you will use crowdsourcing to encourage bigger groups of people to participate in advancing your idea, whether through data collection or group action.

The Open17 Challenge will employ these selection criteria at all levels, namely to choose individuals for €100 prizes in August and September 2022 and to pay for travel and lodging for members of the best teams that have been invited to the conference in Geneva in March 2023.

Additional Information about Open17 Challenge on Climate Justice

For taking part in the Open17 Challenge, applicants have two options for compensation:

The top pitches for the Challenge on the Goodwall platform (August–September 2022) will receive weekly awards of €100 based on the four aforementioned criteria, as determined by two members of the Crowd4SDG consortium, or…

travel and lodging to attend a conference in Geneva (March 2023) to present proposals that, in accordance with the judgment of a jury made up of both consortium and outside members, successfully completed the GEAR innovation cycle shown in the Timeline below.
In August through September, weekly awards for pitches posted on the social network Goodwall might total up to €2500. Members of the two top teams will each get up to €7500 for airfare and lodging in order to attend the conference in March.


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