The Fund for Investigative Journalism

The Fund for Investigative Journalism offers reporters funds and other forms of assistance so they can create impactful, high-quality, impartial, nonpartisan investigative articles – The Fund for Investigative Journalism

Grants are available to freelancers, staff reporters, media organizations, and their investigations can be used to produce books, documentaries, podcasts, internet, print, or broadcast articles.

We offer four distinct types of grants:

Regular awards: For grants up to $10,000, we consider applications three to four times annually. The following deadline is September 7, 2022, on a Wednesday.

Grants with a deadline: In a few exceptional instances, we offer proposals with a tight deadline that can’t wait for the standard review cycle an expedited assessment. Applicants get back from the reviewers of these submissions on a rolling basis in around two weeks.

Grants for follow-up research: The Fund accepts submissions for timely follow-up reporting on initial investigations that were supported by grants. Grantees can apply for follow-up grants up to $2,500 with expedited evaluation.
Emergency Grants: Dangers to American Democracy: Up to $10,000 in scholarships are available for articles that break new ground and reveal misconduct in relation to dangers to American democracy. We’ll evaluate submissions as they come in. Within 2-4 weeks after the application has been submitted, grant decisions might be anticipated.

All proposals, including expedited and follow-up ones, must be filed using the same application.

Emergency Grant applications must be submitted using their specific form.

Below is further information about our grants. Additional sources on submitting grant applications include:

Frequently Asked Questions regarding grant applications.
30-minute video featuring a former grantee and a board member offering advice on writing a grant application


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