The 2022 Young innovation leaders Fellowship program is a four-month annual innovation management leadership immersion program aimed to help young professional achieve their ultimate career goals and encourage innovation in their fields. Its main goal is to maximize human potential and scale up success.

YIL is a solution oriented fellowship, where the fellows are taken through the process of building a solution from the scratch. With globalization, deregulation, knowledge work, and new technologies rapidly disrupting the marketplace, the primary goal of the YIL Fellowship is to unleash human potential and scale up excellence, as organizations continue to look for initiative, innovation, commitment, smarts, and passion in their employees.

Fellowship Content

Lectures, plenary sessions, workshops, and demonstrations are all part of the fellowship program. The challenge phase, accelerator, internship, and mentor ship are all important elements of the course.

The following are some of the interesting modules that will be addressed in the lectures:

  • .Problem-solving and decision-making in a creative way:
    • Design Thinking in the Service of Innovation
    • Using the Business Model Canvas to Innovate
    • Managing Human and Social Capital
    • Product Management for Digital Products
    • Entrepreneurial Innovation: From Concept to Market
    • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Writing, Design, and Presentation for Effective Communication
    • Success Techniques and Tools
    • Leadership in Innovation


  • Use tried-and-true methods and approaches to approach and solve problems in a systematic manner.
  • Create a successful innovation plan for your company.
  • Communicate effectively as a leader and how to explain a company’s story to gain clout.
  • Gain insight into the dynamics of team formation and how to create long-lasting organizations.
  • Get to use design thinking as a modern innovation tool.
  • Figure out how to create a competitive business model and how to reinvent it.
  • Learn how to optimize your abilities for organizational growth through expert assistance and self-discovery.
  • Understand issue analysis and apply problem-solving techniques to any challenge.
  • Hutzpa Innovations will issue you an invention certificate.


  • Candidates must have acquired a bachelor’s degree from a respected higher education institution within the last five years.
  • The candidates have to be from Africa.
  • Candidates must be aged between 18 -30.
  • Candidates must have some level of hand skill expertise.


Click here https://www.younginnovationleaders.org/apply/ to leverage the power of the most exciting opportunity on the continent to become a thought leader in the field of innovation.

            The submission deadline is June 20, 2022. Applications submitted after the deadline will

not be considered.                                         

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