Deloitte One Young World Scholarship fully Funded to Tokyo

DEADLINE : 8Tth December 2021

Education is a foundation of sustainable development. (Deloitte One Young World Scholarship fully Funded to Tokyo). It empowers individuals, nations, and societies at large. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disturbed students’ education worldwide. Globally,­ thousands and millions of people have failed to catch up, with about 1.6 billion students being affected by the pandemic and with roughly about 24 million children doubted to ever return to school. Educational inequality was a challenge globally even before COVID, but this COVID -19 pandemic has by far widened the learning gap.

DEADLINE: 8Tth December 2021

The past year within the lockdown has given a glimpse into what education and learning per say in the future could be like. It pushed the adoption of new classroom technologies to increase on the learner’s access, and this has clearly shown the speed at which teachers adapt plus their vital role in our learning communities. We must use this moment to analyze, re-think the skills plus opportunities required for future success, and put an emphasis on equitable education solutions so that no one remains behind.

At Deloitte, we are more than committed to expanding opportunities for say about 100 million people and this should be by 2030 by empowering job skills, improving educational results, and then looking out for or providing opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups around the world to taste success.

As a longstanding partner of One Young World, we are proud to support the Deloitte One Young World Scholarship 2022 which will enable 5 outstanding young leaders to attend the One Young World conference in Tokyo, Japan on 16 – 19 May 2022.


This scholarship is meant for young leaders who have locked their energy on improving the education, skills, plus people’s access to opportunity within their communities, say countries plus the world at large.

This scholarship is seeking candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to:

Improve access to Learning, skills enrichment, or employment opportunities for those that may have stuck somewhere behind by the rapidly fast-changing global economy. Take an example, women and girls plus disadvantaged youth.

Put in place skills development or extended learning opportunities for people and communities to prepare for the future workforce, especially in areas where we have talent shortages.

Speed up entrepreneurship, new kinds of employment, plus providing opportunities for people to overcome local barriers to employment.

Scholars will receive

Full Access to the One Young World Summit 2022 that will take place in Tokyo

Travel restrictions permitting

Accommodation in a good private room between dates of 16 and 19 (inclusive) May, 2022

The cost of travel (air ticket) to and from Tokyo will be the Economy class.


Ground transportation between Summit venues


Aged 18 – 30*

Nationals of all countries that is world wide will be eligible to apply for this scholarship

Evidenced commitment to delivering positive change

Demonstrated capacity for leadership

Understanding of key local and/or global issues

Track record of generating impactful and innovative solutions to address education and skills challenges

*Delegates will be between the age of 18 and 30. One Young World will consider or accept applications from those older than 30, depending on the demonstration of appropriate personal initiative, impact, and willingness to engage.

Note: One Young World will not be able to accept applications from all those who will be aged under the age of 18 at the time of the Summit.

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