Deadline: October 17, 2021

D-Prize Global competition calls upon bold leaders to help intervene in the struggle to eradicate extreme poverty. Winning Leaders are awarded each 20,000 USD to launch new organizations to help in distributing products and services to people in need. Do you want to make an impact then apply?

D-Prize Global competition advocates and looks out for brand new entrepreneurs with working poverty eradicating innovations.

Very many products and services to end poverty have already been invented. Yet lots and lots, millions of people still don’t have access to them. Are you able to start a new business or an NGO with a proven poverty intervention at scale? submit in your business idea to build a new organization or Business. And solve one of the distribution challenges that have created very many delivery gaps. The most promising winning teams will be awarded with up to $20,000 USD  to start up wherever extreme poverty exists.

Below are some of the D- Prize Challenges

Health Access

  • SELF INJECTABLE CONTRACEPTIVE CHALLENGE  –  Are you able to distribute a self-injectable contraceptive, Sayana® Press, to Undeserved through a private health Network? Download the Challenge
  • OXYGEN CHALLENGE  –  Are you in a position to organize and develop a team of technicians to service plus repairing oxygen concentrators to improve access to medical oxygen? Download the Challenge  For more Health Challenges clicks here.


  • CHLORINE DISPENSER CHALLENGE  –  Can you promote community chlorine dispensers and also install them to increase access to clean water? Download the challenge here


  • TEACHING AT THE RIGHT LEVEL CHALLENGE – Can you teach basic to primary school students in a resource-limited classroom basic reading and mathematics? Download The teaching Challenge here


  • QUALITY INPUTS CHALLENGE – Are you able to provide smallscale farmers high-quality inputs and training to foster increased harvests? Download the Inputs Challenge 
  • POSTHARVEST SUPPORT CHALLENGE – Can you give smallscale farmers post-harvest loans and storage technology proven to increase their incomes? Download the post Harvest Challenge
  • PROPOSE YOUR OWN AGRICULTURE CHALLENGE: – D-Prize is specifically interested in giving out a distribution of already proven agriculture interventions to smallscale farmers. If you know of a highly effective intervention that can be supported by reliable evidence, We want to hear about it and see your plan on how to increase its  Distribution. Download the Custom Agriculture Challenge


  • PROPOSE YOUR OWN CHALLENGE – D-Prize is interested in proper distribution of proven poverty interventions to those in need.  If you think you have a highly effective and credible intervention. Apply and Downlaod the Custom Challenge



  • Early Submission  Deadline: October 17, 2021 at Midnight Pacific Time
  • Regular Submission Deadline: November 7, 2021 at Midnight Pacific Time.
  • Extension Deadline (Limited to 200 registered applicants) November 28, 2021 at Midnight Pacific Time. Register for an extension

For more information about the application process and how to write your distribution Idea proposal download the APPLICATION PACKET.

Evaluation Process


    • Submit in your concept note and one page resumes. Generally over 1700 submissions are received per competition challenge.


    • The top 5% of the entrepreneurs will be invited to fully submit a proposal. That will only need two weeks to be ready and submitted.


    • The top winning Entrepreneurs will be interviewed via a phone call and emails. The top most 1% will receive $ 20,000 to begin.


    • You will spend the next 3 months exploring your talents to create and start a venture that can grow and help millions of people.



D-Prize targets aspiring entrepreneurs around the world, of any age, and Background. The biggest number of awardees targeted hasn’t been able to raise any funding.

D-Prize considers funding an existing organisation in case its piloting a new distribution focused innitiative with a proven need for high-risk capital that cannot be supported by your in-place donors.

Already in place organizations submitting applications for D-PRIZE should not have operated for more than 18 months and have not raised More than 30,000 USD in outside funding.

Last but not the least, we apologize, this time we shall only and only accept applications in English. But remember your English does not have to be perfect to apply. Grammar and vocabulary Errors will not be given a penalty. The team only and only wants to understand your idea.

Are you ready to apply D-Prize Global competition?

Prepare your concept notes and One page resumes of all your team members. These two should be separate documents. Files must be PDF and less than 4MB each.

Read more on the steps needed and what to include in the concept note here.

Remember the proposals must be written in English, But remember your English does not have to be perfect to apply. Grammar and vocabulary Errors will not be given a penalty. The team only and only wants to understand your idea.

Input your contact details and upload or submit your documents here

For any Questions Email the D-PRIZE team at help@d-prize.org

For more information download the application Packet here. 

Or you can visit the D-PRIZE website 


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