Deadline: September 15, 2021

You are invited to apply for the Goethe Institut Upcycling Competition 2021 (1,000EUROs PRIZE). The Goethe-institut is located in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region supports the wonderful creative exploration of the topic of upcycling and want to contribute to sustainability through the different measures. They are therefore launching this Goethe Upcycling Call for ideas.

Deadline: September 15, 2021

Upcycling (“up “and recycling/”Reuse”) is the process of changing waste or (apparently) futile materials into new valuable products. In distinction to downcycling, this form of recycling results in repossession of materials. By recycling or reusing and transforming used materials, Uncommon and everyday objects will be creatively designed and thus improved or brought into a different circumstance.


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A board comprising of representatives from the field of upcycling, cultural and creative industries, among others, will choose the 8 best ideas, the accomplishment of which will be financially aided with 1,000 Euro


Available to all creative people, Librarians, Craftsmen, Artists, Designers and anyone who has a good idea that means the competition criteria.

A topmost of two projects ideas can be submitted by each participant.


To apply, participants are asked to submit the following documents:

  • A presentation poster with pictures, drawings, collages of the object or an explanation of the upcycling project…).
  • Simplified curriculum vitae, if needed with other work in PDF
  • Cost approximate for the creation of the object or the accomplishment of the project
  • A statement/explanation of the object/project with text and video
  • Applications must be presented in digital form only. When you present your application, you  give the Goethe-Institut a right to publish all the entries on its websites and their social media.(All participants accept this rule automatically).

All applications should be presented via email to library.windhoek@goethe.de

Folr More Information about Goethe Institut Upcycling Competition 2021 Click.


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