CILAR Black-Led Business Grants Program 2021.

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Deadline: August 20, 2021

Applications are welcome for the CILAR Black-Led Business Grants Program 2021. With the effects of COVID-19 disproportionately affecting the Black-led business community, CILAR acknowledges the importance of answering to urgent community needs, while taking an extended approach to building passages to greater business sustainability.

Alliance of Innovation Leaders Against Racism (CILAR) and its partners, Pitch Better and Black Opportunity Fund will give out cash grants in response to the occurring effects of COVID-19 on Canada’s Black-led business community. Per this fund, aid will be provided to help as many Black-led businesses as possible.


Black-led businesses in Canada who are propelling innovation in their businesses will be given between $2,500 to $10,000.


  • Be an organization that is Black-owned and/or Black-led this means that the larger part of your owners and/or leadership team identity as Black;
  • Be a registered Canadian business with a contractual business registration number;
  • Share how the impacts of COVID have affected your business;
  • Provide a sketch of how funds will be used to help sustain your business through the pandemic (e.g., technology support, skilling, digitizing, certifications etc)
  • Hand in a full and accurate application.

Those ineligible to apply include:

  • Registered charity or non-for-profit organizations;
  • Have owners/directors that are undischarged or bankrupt;
  • Organizations that display or have displayed insolvency;
  • Organizations that are not majority Black-owned and/or Black-led;
  • Public bodies executing a function of government in Canada;
  • Organizations involved in the sponsoring or administering of the grant program (e.g., members of selection committee and anyone otherwise connected with administering the program
  • Organizations that do not comply with applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations;

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Applications will end on August 20, 2021 and discussed by September 17, 2021. Grant recipients will be informed by September 20, 2021.


Visit the official CILAR’s website for more information.


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