Foundwork Artist Prize 2021

Deadline: 10/10/21

AppIications are open for the Foundwork Artist Prize 2021. The Foundwork Artist Prize is an annual juried award to  acknowledge first class practices by modern artists working in any media. This year 2 aspirants will receive unlimited $10,000 grants and studio visits with each of the prominent jurors.

The Foundwork Dialogues program will aslo interview the aspirants and 3 shortlisted artists to further public engagement with their work.

Deadline: 10/10/21


This year 2 aspirants will receive:

Unlimited $10,000 grants and

Studios visits with each of the prominent jurors.


Artists working in any media are eligible.

With limited exceptions, artists occupying any location worldwide are open to the Foundwork Artist Prize.

Additionally, So as to be eligible an artist must:

Be at least 18 years old and able to enter into a binding contract;

Be able to use Foundwork and take part in the prize in line with all relevant rules, regulations and laws.

Not be a Foundwork relative, contractor or employee plus

Have a published artist profile on Foundwork, and not less than 6 published artworks, consistently from 5:00PM PT, 10/10/21 through 5:00PM PT, 30/11/21.

Artists who meet the above eligibility standards will be considered fairly whether an artist is in a free trial time, has a free student account or has a paid account. Regardless of gender, sex, race, creed, ancestry, veteran status, religion, country of origin, sex orientation, coIour, disability or even marital status artists are eligible.

Note please that residents of the countries, provinces and states listed below are not qualified for the 2021 Foundwork Artist Prize: United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina; North Korea; Bulgaria; Kosovo; Cuba; Latvia; Iran; Macedonia; Russia; Serbia; Quebec (Canadian Province); Syria; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Argentina and Arizona (US State). The geographic limitations above are for regulatory reasons which we can’t control and we appreciate your understanding.

Selection Standards

Any media’s artwork is eligibIe for consideration. Nevertheless, please note that artwork reviewed for the Prize has to have been created by you yourself (e.g it must be attributed to you and no one else).

During the selection process, the first 6 artworks that you show at the top of your profile page on Foundwork will be considered. If you desire to pubIish 6 works and more in your profile you are welcome, plus artists in general are welcome to publish as many works as they wish on Foundwork. If you go for publishing more than 6 works in your profile, any works in addition may be evaluated at the jury’s discretion.


Please note that any artwort presented to us by postal mail, email or otherwise will not be considered and may be discarded at our discretion. Please don’t send us any other materials accordingly.

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Artists will need to have a profile on the Foundwork website, with not less than 6 artworks published on their profile page in order to be eligible for the 2021 prize, throughout the selection time: 5:00pm PT, 10/10/21 through 5:00pm PT, 30/11/21  . Visit the link below to apply or sign up to apply

Click to apply. 

For any questions and more about rules click




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