STATUS: Ongoing

Pluralsight and Google have partnered to give support to software developers across Africa in 3 different categories:

  1. Associate Loud Engineer
  2. Mobile Web Specialist
  3. Associate Android Developer


The program will engage already made developers and aspiring developers to push them to advance the skills that they need to get a job in the tech industry after the program is really over. The google Africa developer Scholarship Program provides participants with free access to courses, projects, embedded labs, skills assessment, and not forgetting complete support from the Google developer community. The modules in this program will help participants to get their google certification.

Participation in the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program is only limited to African youths above 18 years of age. And you will only be required to register for one track or role.

To ensure advancement to the next phase you will have to ensure completion of all the requirements.

STATUS: Ongoing

How to get started?

  • complete your onboarding survey
  • Fill out the registration form
  • then Complete your Building Websites with Html, CSS and Javascript” Skill IQ and also watch your available Pluralsight skills content


  • Become part of google’s developer’s community
  • Get mentorship
  • To advance your developers skills
  • Become a master at Google developers skills



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